My Hero Academia “Rush” Review


Last week’s episode so far was the best of this story arc having heart, action, and wasting no time when there is an emphasis placed on pacing. That was our first taste of being treated to how the class as a whole would not be ignored to those who are most important. This week however was where we needed to see how they would treat the rest of the class when there is so little time and slots left. There is a lot that they will have to cramp into this last part of the first round, which means taking some bold risks to wrap things up in a way that satisfies.

I really did not know what to think of this last stretch of the first round. There are one-hundred students who can pass the first round. So many were able to advance first. So that left little time for what was the majority of Class 1-A that had yet to really make a move to pass. Instantly you knew that if anything was to propel them to success, it had to be moments of convenience or opportunity. This made a lot of what took place somewhat forced depending on how you look at it, but at the end of the day the execution was still exciting in a My Hero Academia kind of way. There was intensity, heart, and everything genuine about this class fighting to become licensed heroes. I was very impressed when it came down to the combinations. Some of these students really didn’t seem like they were paired with someone compatible, but it was how they used their quirks which grabbed your attention most. Especially those who still had something new up their sleeve since their training to develop ultimate moves and new gear to show off.

Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari working together catches you off guard from start to finish because these three have so much potential for what can be overlooked based solely on their characteristics. It was Kaminari this time around who shocks you for the fact that he proves that he is capable of some critical thinking. At the same time both he and Bakugo shock you since their actions at the core were a display of how the most destructive powers can be brought towards smarter use through focal points.

How we catch-up to Iida was very interesting since he was someone you would have thought to have the potential to be one of the first to pass. I suppose they didn’t want it to be that easy for him, and that created one of the most engaging moments for him as of late. There’s the strong figureheads like Midoriya and Bakugo, and then there’s Iida who never stops being the class representative. Not even during the test where could simply work for himself. This in turn created a rare exploration of Aoyama who we almost never see too much of aside from his need to be flashy. It was quick, to the point, but more importantly the establishing of the fact that there is no one from this class left behind. Maybe for the first round at least.

My only complaint is that we haven’t been given too much reason to care about the other schools. Not everybody from them. Nothing about their actions scream that they have anyone you would want to root for. I certainly would not when there seems to be a need to make everyone else seem petty, shady, and unfit to move forward.

My Hero Academia “Rush” I have to say lived up to the title of the episode. It was a rush job getting everyone through that door, but again there was still heart and action to back up every action and decision.

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