My Hero Academia Season 3 Premiere Review


There was an extreme feeling of joy when it finally hit this guy that My Hero Academia season 3 was premiering so soon. If you aren’t watching too many anime like myself, then you tend to be a bit picky about which you look forward to. Losing Dragon Ball Super hit hard, so having an anime like this coming back to fill that void was just great. It has been worth the wait getting back to Deku’ story since these students are getting ready to take that next step forward into an unforgiving world. A world that we have already gotten a taste of now that All Might’s arch-enemy is making his move with his protege and rising villains.

With the first episode revealed to contain anime-only content, there wasn’t too much to expect from this premiere that wouldn’t for the most part be an introduction into the next story arc. I was on the other hand surprised that the story would pretty much be picking up from where it last left off. Not everyone reads the manga, so certain things will catch some off guard in contrast to the rest of the viewers. Especially if you didn’t think that the summer camp would be that much of a big deal to center a full story around. With that said, the start of this new season began as if welcoming us back into this world and to these students. A quick reminder of what they can all do, and what they are all preparing for.

How the students have developed a bond with each other was quick to understand this episode. As I pointed out above, with this episode being all anime-only content, there is nothing that you would hope for them to get into too new. Focusing on character development more than anything else was important and appreciated at this stage. Plenty of opportunities were created here to show just how far they have all come. Particularly the ones who could help but fall to certain cliches at the start. I think if that were the case at this point, some of these characters would have soon lost their appeal. The competition between them all served as a perfect buffer from what could have been dull tension. Luckily Bakugo’s episode a while back gave enough insight as to what we should look forward to the guy who even causally can’t help but telling his classmates he’ll kill them. I know for an episode like this that some may even have wanted Midoriya to stand out a bit more, but it makes a big difference to see that everyone matters in the longrun. You wouldn’t create all these interesting and unique characters just to toss them all to the background. I surely wouldn’t.

Where the tone was lighter involving the students, we got a proper addressing of what’s coming from the teachers. The struggle they find in moving forward while preparing for villain interference was more than enough to make the statement that something is coming around the corner. It was only a matter of when. Shigaraki establishing himself as a villain who simply stands against everything that All Might stands for was the best way for us to get back to this character. His motivation may be simple, but you can do a lot with that kind of drive. Its one without complication or the need to be anything more than it needs to be.

The new opening/ending sequence was a nice transition from the last one. It gave a good idea as to what we should expect from these students having a stronger connection to the outside world.

It’s good to have another hit anime series back on tv. The My Hero Academia season 3 premiere was a great reflection towards how far these students, heroes, and villains have come along since crap begun to hit the fan. Next week we luckily can look forward to jumping into the thick of the new story arc. Right now I don’t think there is an anime out there that is doing the superhero theme as much justice as the way MHA does. The creative team behind this understands what it means to be a hero at the core and beyond.

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