My Hero Academia Season Finale “Unrivaled” Review


This season of My Hero Academia truly came and went. It feels like only yesterday this season had just began on the field trip. One that led to new resolves from our students, greater achievements of heroics, and more crushing acts of villainy as the fight between the heroes and villains continues to evolve. As the season finale for season 3, it was surprising that this time around we didn’t have too much to look forward to.

In the previous seasons, the last few episodes were pretty big. In the case of season three, there was more winding down to set things up for what’s to come in the next season. Not a problem of course considering we all look forward to this anime going for another season. It would be a crime after releasing a fairly successful movie both overseas and in the US so far. Not to mention that with every passing week we are digging deeper into the thick of what makes this world turn. Again by the end of this season we are looking at a whole new landscape. Previously it was Hero Killer: Stain who influenced the rise of villains, but here we are now with the influence of All For One and the loss of All Might which gave the villains full confidence in the idea that they can make trouble without too much backlash.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, so lets focus down on just this episode specifically. Last week I said I was a bit disappointed in the introduction of Mirio Togata and the rest of the Big Three. You don’t just hype up students like them without giving us a reason to believe they hold the status they do in UA as third years. This week’s episode more than made up for what we didn’t see before when Mirio strangely decides that the best way to teach Class 1-A about what they are in store for was to challenge them to combat. I simply could not see what his purpose was at first. Maybe he just wanted to show off, maybe he was secretly trying to test Midoriya, or he just wasn’t as full of heart as others make him out to be. The answer to this was very satisfying and gave me great admiration for the stronger role he is going to take on in the series. I could now also understand why everyone was so hyped up for the slaughter he was going to bring to Class 1-A. His strength was not exaggerated, and neither was the unique use of his quirk. Honestly, even without his strength I wouldn’t have called his quirk weak. You look at Marvel’s Shadowcat, and she is as dangerous as it gets simply being skilled in martial arts on top of that power. For how quick the action scene was, it was exciting for the way that he took down each student. It goes without saying that you could even overlook his goofiness because it works well with his fighting style.

The rest of the Big Three were interesting in personality. We don’t get to see what they bring to the table yet, but it should be worth the wait since I would assume we don’t want everything given to us so quickly. We all need something to look forward to, particularly those of us who only follow the anime.

Now it wasn’t too shocking who Shigaraki Tomura and the others from the League of Villains come into contact with. When you know what this season is building up towards in the world of villains, it only makes sense that they create a confrontation where the spark can be lit. If you didn’t know who would represent to two faces of evil, now you know. As usual, they only gave us enough to generate anticipation. Nothing that would tell us too much about what we should exactly look forward to in terms of their approach to taking the fight to the new hierarchy of heroes.

The My Hero Academia season finale “Unrivaled” was nothing flashy, but it was the push we needed in the right direction when as I say consistently, world-building is what creates investment in a series like this. When the characters, story, and dangers evolve, you always have a reason to come back for more.

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