My Hero Academia “Stripping the Varnish” Review


Another week, means another week where the next set of these students prove what they have learned so far about themselves throughout this term. We’ve seen some excellent teamwork from some put together, aside from the first pairing, so it makes you wonder what the rest still have to offer. This is one of the few series out there who can consistently do something like this and keep things interesting.

Ochaco’s round I’m not going to lie took me by surprise by how fast they jumped into it and how fast they brought it to an end. More than that impressed by what she showed capable of through her internship. She was one of the few people next to Midoriya who actually went through some kind of training during her time away. So it was nice to see some sort of payoff that would make the internships not seem like it was for nothing.

Team Ashido and Kaminari shake things up because there’s some expectation from their round. They were the most worried about the physical portion of the exam, while at the same time disappointed because it wasn’t the kind of test that they were hyped for. The turnout for them you probably could have seen coming, but nonetheless they were enjoyable to watch. Principal Nezu also manages to steal your attention as a mystery this round. His quirk catches you off guard when your initial assumption is that it would be based off of his appearance. To some extent it is, but his capabilities are greater than just enhanced senses. They summed up his origins pretty quickly as well through revealing what he can do.

At a point you could definitely feel that they were beginning to scrape at the bottom of the class. Not to say that they are bad characters, though they are a point of interest to follow because they are for the most part enigmas. With any solid cast of characters, there are always those who somewhat fly under the radar because they aren’t as good as the others. Those last few teams before Midoriya and Bakugo just happened to be them. Nonetheless, Team Koda and Jiro were a point of interest for how they captured different sound quirks by facing off against Present Mic. How they handled him was intense. Team Hagakure and Shoji vs Snipe was okay, nothing too memorable. Then you have Team Mineta and Sero, was a joke even if you knew what you were getting yourself into for that one. Not to say it wasn’t a big moment for Mineta developing past his flaws, but at the end of the day are you really going to take a kid like him seriously?

A lot happens in the episode in spite of us hitting the bottom of the well with the rest of the students. Some stood out, while the others were pretty much just there. It goes without saying that at the very least they are showing that they care about all of these students as a whole. Especially not to do them dirty when it comes to skipping over the lesser important characters like other series might do. For the sake of pacing as well this was well-organized to the point where the big round has a full episode to take advantage of.

My Hero Academia “Stripping the Varnish” pushed us through the rest of the students to set us up for the round we have been waiting for since the start of this part of the exam. Midoriya and Bakugo will be one heck of a round to watch when not only do they have to work together, they have to do so to take on the likes of All Might.

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