My Hero Academia “Symbol of Peace” Review


This season three has taken the series to the next level. I remember when hearing from everyone who read the manga, the craziness that would be seeing All Might unleash his full power against his strongest foe. The words rang clearly “United States of Smash”. Little did I know that this moment was coming so soon, and that maybe that moment might come this week. My Hero Academia this week is stated to adapt the monumental confrontation between All Might and All For One, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a fight that will be real.

The start of this episode was absolutely chilling. Again this was that time to show just how dangerous All For One is, and they did not disappoint. His powerset is terrifying when unlike All Might it manifests in the form of absolute power and the power he takes from others with quirks. What he did to that group of pro heroes changed everything when now it is safe to say that no one is safe from what is now unfolding. Impressed is the word I would to when finally understanding what it is that the heroes like Best Jeanist can do. They didn’t get around to everyone, but it was cool to see what the number four hero is capable of.

All Might versus All For One kicks off instantly, and that was the main attraction for this episode. Unfortunately, this episode was more of a build-up to anything real between them. Not a bad thing either, most shows will do this and absolutely nothing will really come of that first act of engagement. Plenty happened here which showed off just what All For One is capable of, while at the same time removing the things that were holding them back from going one-hundred percent. Next to All Might’s fight with that Nomu, this was the second time that we were truly able to see him strike someone and actually mean it. This was a great time to also understand the level of villainy it takes to match the number one hero. With that said, I really did like the way All For One has something genuine that he fights for. Not genuine in the same sense as someone sane, but enough so to understand what drives him to have gone to the lengths he has ensuring that this spark in the villain uprising continues.

When it came to Midoriya and the rest, the fear was undeniable between them. This could have been the perfect time to pull something off on their own, but there were many variables to take into account at the same time. Getting caught by the wrong villain, by the pro heroes for being reckless, getting past each other with the idea that any one of them could get hurt. There was only one outcome that I was aware of for this arc, and that was how they pulled off the actual rescue. That much was exciting because they were all able to get on the same page about how to save without breaking the rules. It always came down to how they could pull this off without getting into a fight, and they nailed the execution.

Pacing was key for this episode, and consistently they have proven that this is the least of their problems. Everything happened just like that and they didn’t kill us with suspense or too much dialogue. It is refreshing when there are anime out there who challenge the cliche that during times of importance we should see more dialogue. Something that is so far from the case when what we anticipate is action.

My Hero Academia “Symbol of Peace” is getting us there, and I do look forward to what happens when these two bitter enemies put everything on the table. Especially when neither are too fit for a real fight like this in the first place.

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