My Hero Academia “The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain” Review


After a fight like Midoriya, Shoto and Lida experienced, you do wonder what comes next for them. Clearly recovery, but there’s a lot to still address between them, which includes how some of them have found new control over their powers. Some could say we are moving fast, or maybe this is a detour along the way, but you have to admit that this is the hero life which many do fail to create. Not every victory comes without some sacrifice both physically and emotionally.

I say this and that was before the start of this episode. I like that the impression first left by My Hero Academia continues to stand true. Yes, these three did good, though there had to be some direct response to their actions. I mean Lida could have gotten in trouble for irresponsibly going after Stain, and Midoriya could have easily pushed too far which could hurt his progression. None of that was the case, though what they did have to deal with came naturally. All of this is about the experience which they got both first hand and through scolding. If you had thought the fight they had with Stain was meaningless, this certainly changed your opinion with proper takeaway. Who addressed them about their actions was a great choice as well. Someone who furthers out investment in this world and opening our eyes to the structure of the superhero world. It was nice to know exactly where heroes stand in the justice system. What they can do, what they can’t. With a world full of superpowered individuals, there has to be limitations to what you can do with them in public.

For Lida this was still an important time for him. When Midoriya spoke of this moment, he made it sound like there was something to grieve about not being able to stop this situation before it began. After that very hospital scene, it could be understood clearly why Midoriya felt that way. Again, this isn’t one of those stories where everything is rainbows and sunshine. Being a hero comes with more sacrifice than you can prepare yourself for. These are still kids, so I do appreciate that they didn’t hold their hand through getting a reality check.

Aftermath did mean more than one thing after last week’s episode. World-building is very important to a series like My Hero Academia. For as many heroes as we have met and seen in action, Hero Killer: Stain seems like the entry point into understanding more about the world of villains. This series is one of the few that can really successfully grab your attention through dialogue alone. I wasn’t looking forward to any action or expecting any, and I enjoyed this episode because every word took us deeper into this story than any fight could. It mattered now to see what kind of influence Hero Killer: Stain has had on the world and villains at large. I would call the attack on the U.A. petty at best. After what has happened, we can now brace ourselves for pandora’s box to be blown wide open.

My Hero Academia “The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain” pretty much serves as the epilogue to whatever comes next in this world. They did it much better than most in my opinion. Most will just thrust you into the next chapter of a story haphazardly. This was an episode well spent elaborating on every way that this world won’t be the same after just one night. I don’t know if that’s the last we’ll see of Hero Killer: Stain, but he was damn well memorable.

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