My Hero Academia “The Test” Review


The Provisional License Exam begins, and now is the time for the UA 1-A students to show what they have been working for. Last week’s episode was worth the wait when some of the students showed off some awesome ultimate moves, as well as showing off some new styles to their fighting. The new placed emphasis on the advantage of costumes was not to be ignored either. They are taking big leaps to prepare themselves for the hard trials ahead, and the next big thing to challenge them with, aside from villains, are legitimate rivals.

For this week’s episode, this began a little all over the place. By that I mean they quickened the pace a lot when it came to the students preparing for the exams and dealing with some personal things along the way. They continued to push the feelings of Ochaco for Midoriya given his passion and drive, then there was Bakugo’s change of attitude when Midoriya saved All Might from falling debris, and lets not forget everything about Midoriya himself and how he is now practicing his “Shoot Style,” battle techniques that make use of his legs. Plenty of others have moments here and there where they address where they are at in terms of state of mind and progress in their training to create ultimate moves. With that said, I am impressed with some of the changes the students have made to their costumes so far. Everything we have seen up to this point has been a tease, so you definitely want to see what happens when all is laid on the table as the exam officially begins.

The introduction of the rival students was a point of interest because nothing was as it seemed with any of them upon initial introductions. We got some names, no quirks aside from one teacher, though more personality than anything else. At the very least we know who will stand out most from the rival schools. That including the teacher from Ketsubutsu Academy who has quite the entertaining relationship to Aizawa. With that said, it does shake things up that there is something about the exams that Aizawa was keeping from the students. Given the reputation they had built up running into villains, there was no telling how they would be perceived by everyone else. The truth behind what Aizawa was keeping from the students does catch you off guard, but the reason for him doing so was a perfect counterpoint. His approach towards teaching showed quickly through what the students did to overcome the obstacles that they were sure to face when the other schools came with arrogance and confidence.

Now the explanation of the Provisional Hero License Exam was where things finally began to get serious. The stakes in this exams were not at all what anyone prepared for. This exam perfectly reflects the result of recent events, and made it that much more urgent to prove that this generation has what it takes to step up to the plate. Moving on from there, the reveal of the first round was a step up in difficult in contrast to the Sports Festival. With so many more participants to worry about and less room to watch your back, this one was surely to get rough quickly. I enjoyed how despite all the build-up and set-up, we were still able to get a taste of what the first round would be like. It was exciting how this class wasted little time displaying some of what they developed behind the scenes.

My Hero Academia “The Test” is a good start for what the exams have to offer. This has already brought out the best in the students and it can only get better from here when they have to dig down and find their true potential when it matters most.

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