My Hero Academia “Time to Pick Some Names” Review


The sports festival was the best thing ever so far on My Hero Academia. I don’t expect them to need to top this anytime soon, but if you weren’t glued to your screen when this show came on, the events of that festival gave you more than enough reason to be. What I like most about My Hero Academia is that they didn’t take that as a reason to jump into the next big thing too fast, they take a step back this week for us to get more of the class experience. Their growth in the classroom and outside is important when a lot of these kids have shown that they have room to grow as would be heroes and individuals.

Before the episode really began, I enjoyed that little bit where Midoriya was being recognized for his efforts. That may seem small on the surface or just cute, but it is the right scene to make the statement that these students are making it that much closer to their goals even if just a little.

As the title of the episode suggests, the next step for these students is choosing their hero code names. A little bit premature initially, though the reasoning behind it made sense. Especially once we finally got down to the importance of what comes after the sports festival. As big as the events were during, that was all one big test for what the professional heroes have to look at and judge. Getting back to the names, it is appreciated that meaning is given to them for the students. If this were any other superhero story, you would simply pick the name that sounds cool or matches your costume. However, My Hero Academia keeps true to form and adds a little meaning and depth to why you have to really think this through short-term and long-term. The example given was quite funny for the fact that you were seeing how in some cases it isn’t all too crucial to how well you do.

As they all presented their names, many of them made sense. I felt like I was going to have to brace myself for some of them and lucky it had to be just that one student who couldn’t help himself. It was interesting to see just who also would be the one to go against choosing something that sounded heroic. Now with that said, I do think the main person we were waiting for was Midoriya. It goes without saying that this is a big moment for someone like him I should say for even Lida as well to an extent. Names matter when you are looking to live up to the image of someone else. You want to be like that person, but you know you are neither that person or on the same path. So you want the name to capture who you are as an individual rather than simply the power. The name Midoriya chose didn’t quite come out of left field, though it also wasn’t what would have come to mind when he made his final decision.

Though let me not just focus on Midoriya. The transition for Lida going into this episode was quite depressing since they were subtle about him showing his feelings to anyone aside from his brother. He is definitely a character to keep your eye out for because that is how you create a wildcard. Someone who might shove everyone close away from him, might become reckless, and might just go after the one person who will leave him worse off than his brother.

While this is the phase of picking names, it is also set-up for taking on these pro hero agencies. This development came quite sooner than I thought, though it is luckily more of a taste for what is in store for them rather than the full experience.

I didn’t get to mention it before, but it goes a long way having different professional heroes make their presence known in the student’s learning. We don’t need to see them in action as it is their experience understood which gets us somewhere relevant rather than make a scene. All Might at first was cool, but he clearly is losing too much time and a few others we have seen too often. So who they chose this time around shook things up. Not to mention the hero was certainly not who you would have expected.

My Hero Academia “Time to Pick Some Names” takes us into the next chapter for these would be heroes as they look for a more hands on experience from professionals. This will be a very engaging chapter if done right, though it only sucks that now everyone is pretty split up, which means we won’t be seeing everyone very often. It could be that time where characters disappear to grow on their own, and hopefully they do return with new surprises.

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