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It was honestly on a whim when I decided to jump out of my bed to go see My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. I was getting too anxious seeing that others already viewed the movie and had opinions, so I looked and saw that the nearest theater to me had it playing. Now I truthfully also don’t go out of my way too often to see an anime movie in theaters, so this was a big move for me. Fortunately I did not disappoint the choice one bit. Like many I loved this movie as it captured everything you love about the series in and 1 hour 35 minutes.

Where this movie took place was a wonderful choice if you ask me. After the mentor program, some of these students were past showing their full strengths and showing a little progress since the events of the Sports Festival. Not to mention this was a point where much of Class 1-A was in a good standing with one another. There was no better time to pluck them out of that point and take them onto another adventure. That one filler episode was also worth acknowledging for what it set up here. The set-up was small, but it gave us a good idea of what we were getting ourselves into without us needing to dig too deeply past what was shown from the movie trailer. So with that said, it all paid off once the story for this movie kicked off from the start and never let up on the momentum and pacing. The only time that they slowed down was for the more emotional moments, and that is always to be expected from this series. The heart that goes into the storywriting is uplifting and moving. They get down into the true wonders of being a superhero, or someone who lives in that kind of world from various perspectives.

For a main character like Midoriya, there was no better place to throw someone like him. A fanboy so intune with the hero world, that just about anything on an island like this would throw him into a fit of excitement. I honestly believe that a movie like this could never be the same without a character like him. One who balances out the seriousness or somber tones that surround the plot of this story. Not to mention he was a great alternative to All Might when he was not in character. All Might was only over the top when he powered up. Aside from that, he was just someone suffering and normal. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t fun as well. It mattered having someone who he knew on such a personal level to get a better understanding of what goes through his mind. He’s someone who cares a lot, and that pushes him to do some amazing things. Now their dynamic as a duo saw some spectacular improvement as well.I think we can all be honest for ourselves and say that All Might is a bit neglectful. Maybe its the distance he needs to keep in order to maintain secrecy around everyone else, but it is nice when they are simply able to connect and show why they were both meant to share this power.

What I continued to appreciate from the anime was the character balance created with such a large cast to spotlight. For the characters of relevance, they made sure that all of them had their moment. At the end of the day, the big four characters may have been Midoriya, All Might, and the Shields, but that didn’t mean that the others didn’t find places where they stood out more than anyone else. I was very impressed by the work that had already gone into the relationship between Bakugo and Kirishima, the clear effect that the Hosu incident had on Iida, and even the confidence boost that someone like Yaoyorozu had gotten over time as well.

Melissa Shield was a character you won’t forget anytime too soon. As far as quirkless heroes in training go, she is another memorable addition. I hope I speak for most when I say that it is amazing how she was not written to be a damsel. That was my only fear about this movie, or any anime movie to be specific. That trope gets tiresome, and she combated this in every way by showing that someone with her skills always has something to offer that others don’t. Support Class heroes

The plot from this movie was great. There was only one slight issue someone could take with it, and that is how convenient it was that a majority of Class 1-A could find themselves on this island in one way or another. Of course it made sense for a lot of them who had status in the hero community, but for some others the choice was a bit off. As for everything else? The plot was excellent. They started with the introduction of this threat, but kept everything for the most part a mystery for us to work up to. That meant knowing who the villains are, seeing them, and even knowing the parties involved in what was about to unfold during the I-Expo. When it came to the execution of the villains and their plans, that even came in chunks. Even when you thought you knew the situation, there was something they were keeping from us till the very end. I will say it was obvious who at least one person was involved, but it still came down to the form in which his involvement took. How they even took the adults and pro heroes out of the equation for the students to take command of the situation was great.

Now the action? That blew me away. I had my expectations for this movie, and they went even further than what I was prepared for. Like I said above, these students were at a stage where there was a stronger mastery and understanding of what they are capable of when challenged. They may not have the ultimate abilities, new techniques, or improved gear that they do now, but they more than made up for this with a strong sense of determination and teamwork. This also led to some creative combinations of quirks that we’ve never seen before from them. Everything was quick and hit with impact as well. It also helped that they were facing enemies who were at a level where no one was standing in one place, not forced to get moving, or not putting their combat skills to the test. Moving on to the last stretch of the movie, the quirk reveal of the big villain was a brilliant choice if you ask me. You think of the one power that could give everyone a run for their money, especially on an island like this, and you couldn’t have picked any better. I was holding my breath when it came down to this enemy, Midoriya and All Might unleashing their full powers. Usually when things start getting that wild, you fear that with the pacing kicked up to 11 you lose clarity in the process. To my delight that was not the case, we got to see Midoriya and All Might’s powers used in a way that they never were before. The power in impact in every move popped with a stunning array of colors. It should also be recognized that you could see the distinct styles on combat between the two begin to take shape

Now I hate being that guy, but the only thing that kept this from being perfect was the fact that I had to get used to the American voices. What I said above aside, it just felt a bit too off or goofy in contrast to some of the Japanese voices that came off a bit more serious and fitting to the personalities. Well that and the question left in the air about the consequences that a certain someone should have faced for their actions.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was more than impressive for the series’ first movie. I didn’t have a single doubt in my mind that this would be quality entertainment value, and honestly the seats that this movie has been filling so far speaks for itself.

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