My Hero Academia “Yaoyorozu: Rising” Review


The physical portion of the final exam was the best creative turn they could take for these students. With a world growing more hostile each passing day, it only made sense that they would push to give these students more of the full experience. The meaning of this portion of the test even better when they are forced to overcome weaknesses they would have otherwise taken longer to address.

Now as the episode before left us with Asui and Tokoyami as the next team to take the test, that is where we begin. This one was definitely an odd pairing on the surface since these are two very different people. Not enough that they can’t work together, but just based on their quirk and presence. Nonetheless an exciting match-up because Ectoplasm is the kind f teacher who could give any group of students a hard time. He served as a quick reminder that the teachers aren’t taking it easy on the students which is the best way to get the right results. During this time it was good to see what kind of combination these two could put together and what they individually had to overcome. Tokoyami’s weakness was something you could assume pretty fast, though it mad for a cool twist to how they managed to get through this fight. Asui is a hero who constantly impresses you. She is not someone defined by her quirk and has so many favorable qualities to her that make her valuable to have on your side.

As for the next round, I was surprised they jump right into one already started. While we have seen our fair share of action from Lida, it disappoints me that during times like this they rush through his stuff, but this time around the outcome was satisfying to say the least.

Now for this episode it seems that what we are looking forward to most is from the team of Yaoyorozu and Shoto. So far they probably have the most challenging teacher to take on being Aizawa. Though more than that you so far have the one student with the most trouble having confidence in herself and what she is capable of in the moment. We’ve seen that Yaoyorozu second guesses herself, and it might be a thing with overthinking, but that is what you want to see her finally tackle. The way they approached this was commendable because it wasn’t just on Yaoyorozu to fix herself after the events of the sports festival. It also came down to Shoto also being able to step back and realize that there was effort on his part as a partner to help her through this. The whole thing was a learning experience on both sides that only pushed both of them to do better in areas that they could either be better at or try in a different position.

With that said, even Aizawa you have to give credit to here for showing that he isn’t just out to give these students a hard time. The guy has a method to him that you just have to be able to peel back like an onion.

We got three entertaining rounds out of My Hero Academia “Yaoyorozu: Rising” and each were worthwhile for some of these student stepping up to the plate. This goes more importantly for Yaoyorozu who proved that she is not someone to underestimate when the wheels start turning in her head. We’ve been missing out on that one student who is really quick on their feet and now she is properly taking that place with a new boost in confidence.

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