The Next Upcoming LARPing Web Series, “Foam and Steel”!


A clan of Larpers face off against the greatest challenge they have ever faced… their own lives.

When your life doesn’t give you enough lemons, then fantasize about dragon-lemon-aid. That’s what the Clan of the Sun and Steel tell themselves anyway. A group of low tier Larpers (Live Action RolePlayers) try to escape the mundanity and misery of their normal lives, only to find that the fantasy is just as complicated as the real thing. As the King of High Victoria and The Queen of the Low Lands begin a war that will destroy them all, the Clan of the Sun and Steel find themselves stuck twixt the two. Beset on all sides by betrayal, manipulation, crappy montages, and bee’s, the members of the Sun and Steel do their best to find friendship, love, and exactly how little foam is allowed on a regulation weapon before it’s considered dangerous. And lo, the tale of the Sun and Steel begins.

Foam and Steel 3This year has been great towards LARPing and the exposure in different forms is great. What is better is when you have people out there who will go that extra mile to create a webseries that shows exactly what is so interesting about this hobby. That is what Foam and Steel looks like it aims for. Not only this, but it looks fun as well. Foam and Steel was something I had recently discovered on Twitter and it always surprises you these days what efforts you find to tackle a project like this. And with a budget of $10,000? Certainly that gives you a lot to expect from this. Earlier this year there was LARPs: The Series and which is a great web series from the camera quality to costumes, which carried well over that amount for a budget. So imagine what these guys can do with $10,000? Any who, I saw the videos, I read their approach and Foam and Steel feels like something you want to invest your time in when they look for something character driven with action. The action can always be expected which is a selling point of its own.

Right now they are looking to receive a grant through Telus, their local telecom for 10,000$ It is an annual event called Storyhive, where through user votes 15 projects are awarded the grant and airing of the pilot on Telus Optic, as well as becoming eligible for further grants. They are producing the series and bringing it out whether or not they receive the grant. Impressively some of them have put in over a years work into F&S. So that should not stop you from taking that few couple of minutes out of your day to login to Storyhive and give them the votes that they need because everyone deserves their shot at trying something like Foam and Steel. We are at that point in time where if you want that representation of LARPing in any given medium, you have to push for it.

Here’s a link to their Storyhive page, as well as crew profiles:
Production page:
Lucas Erskine: Producer/Director/Actor

Mike Hordy: Director/Actor
Alex Miller: Production Manager/Cameraman
Darryl LeCraw: Motion Graphics
David Booth: Director of Social Engineering/Jack of all trades
Make sure to follow them through any of their social media platforms below to follow the progress!

Again make sure that in any way you can you are out there showing your support because if you don’t, who will?

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