Nintendo Announces 2DS


Today Nintendo announced the 2DS, their newest handheld system. As the name implies, the 2DS only plays games in 2D. But worry not because it still plays all 3DS games. The new 2DS is also compatible with all DS games and still has all the functionality of the 3DS. Now unlike previous DS models, the 2DS ditches the clamshell design for a more slate/tablet like shape that does not fold. The target audience for the device is youths, and Nintendo describes it as an “entry level” portable. The 2DS is slated for launch on October 12, 2013, which just happens to be the same day both Pokémon X & Y are released. The 2DS is set at a price point of $129.99 and will be available in both red and blue. So, what do you think of the 2DS? Is it a good or bad idea? Will you be getting one? Let us know!gaming-nintendo2ds-2

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