Off The Panel: Original Sin(s)?


original-sins1-cover-59534_size3As Marvel’s next big event of the year, Original Sin seems to break the mold when it comes to approach. Many of the recent events have been huge in scope. Mainly when it comes to action, and there was no shortage of action when it came to those events. Now where that demands an event like Original Sin, is where you want something that really focuses on the characters involved. From Original Sin #0 to the many announcements from C2E2 concerning the tie-ins, I have faith that is what we will get from this event. My main motivation for this week’s topic is taking a look at those things that really stand out which Original Sin has to offer.

It all just starts with Uatu’s death, something which I’m not too bothered with for personal reasons. But from Uatu’s death comes the opportunity to take a step back with the characters who find themselves caught up in this event to see what their sin is, or how others sins could affect them. I wouldn’t know if this is something done already, but for what we know is in store for the Marvel Universe, a lot good can come out of this. We aren’t just looking at secrets that these characters could find themselves laughed at or embarrassed for. No, these are secrets that could ruin them or change them in a completely different direction than when the event begun. That promise alone is why I find Original Sin so interesting, and it’s not easy to get excited for another event that demands your money to keep up.

Original_Sin_Thor_Loki_The_Tenth_RealmThere are three announcements that caught me off guard, and yet are the ones which I would not second guess picking up. Those would be Uncanny X-Men: The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, and Daredevil. All entering territory you would not have guessed possible because of Original Sin.

I’ll go ahead and start with Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm. My first reaction to this was “Oh my gosh!”, not because of the title, but because of what it meant. I mean I’d LOVE to see how Marvel sells this story. Angela(from Spawn), will be revealed as Thor and Loki’s sister, and Odin will be her biological father. Off the bat your first question would be if she’s still the same Angela from Spawn comics, or if they want to overwrite that. What we come to understand is that the series will reveal the “Tenth Realm” that she comes from, which would add one more to the traditional nine realms of the Thor world. It really makes you think considering what is called the Tenth Realm is what Angela calls heaven. So is Heaven real? Many questions are raised from this though the most important one is still at hand. That being what Angela would do knowing this truth. She is very different from Thor and Loki, and she is already carrying enough grief from being dragged from her world.

Then we have Uncanny X-Men: The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier. This would be a big deal for the X-Men, and is a big deal for X-Men fans such as myself. Not only is this is huge secret Original Sin is bringing up, but it almost signifies the certainty that Xavier will remain dead for the foreseeable future(hopefully). It’s a long shot for me to assume this considering Original Sin is going to bring someone back from the dead, but it might be safe enough to consider in terms of the situation. Why I’d believe this would have a long term effect on the X-Men is because they are still divided. The one thing they all share is their love for Xavier and this is something that could bring them together for better or for worse. Just about anything that keeps them together at this point is a good thing in my book. I can only hope that with that tie-in to Original Sin it can be the game changer to begin piecing together the X-Men.

UNCX2013023_COVDaredevil I will admit I have never been the biggest fan of. Not that I don’t like him, but never was able to get into any of his books. With that said, I’ve always admired his origins. That of course doesn’t stop his ties to Original Sin from being very impactful for him and his fans. Daredevil #6 is stated to reveal why Matt Murdock’s mother left him and his father when he was a baby. That issue right there can change everything you know about Daredevil, challenge everything he stands for, and determine where his life goes from there. This is arguably the most important story for Daredevil in recent times that they need to get right. With this being a tie-in to Original Sin, they need to show that this isn’t something they’re doing to sell a quick buck at the expense of his history.

Just those three ties to Original Sin in my opinion are more than enough reason to give this event a chance. If not for the event itself, then for the characters that find themselves changed by the secrets they don’t know, they don’t want to know, and don’t want released to the world. Original Sin is clearly not about who holds the most power, it’s about who controls the most knowledge. That is the struggle here and what you know and don’t know can hurt you more than a punch or blast to the face.

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