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There are a number of superhero genre anime series out there, but none give you as much of a laugh as One-Punch Man. From the first time I heard of this one, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it. You have this random guy wearing a costume that makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Not to mention the name instantly created the assumption that this is a hero who simply punches you once and that is it. But there was so much more to One-Punch Man and I loved that it seemed to do the superhero thing better than most other ongoing American cartoons during that time.

Of course it goes without saying that this is a must have if you were awaiting to be able to watch One-Punch Man with english voices. Some say that the Japanese voices will always be better, though that doesn’t mean you can’t want to sit back and enjoy without the need to closely follow subtitles. Now I will say that the voices are drastically different in tone, that took a bit of time to get used to.

One-Punch Man is the story of Saitama, a hero who can defeat his enemies with a single punch. Some feared that the joke about him beating everyone with one punch would make this hard to watch, though surely that was not the case from the first episode and going forward. It has excellent action sequences, it has heart, and there is no shortage of laughs. Everything about Saitama was one big parody of superheroes. There’s no arguing with the way this world works as a parallel to anything else we have read or watched. A world where your worth as a hero is based on rank and something as simple as popularity can put you over those who are probably your better. So much of it was painfully true, terribly exaggerated, and it worked so well for a hero who can be so carefree. I mean for someone who wants to be a hero, he finds himself so fixed upon the thrill of a fight because he is too powerful. The guy doesn’t even look that powerful, though all it takes is a quick change in intensity of the art and he looks like he’s about to run you over.

I will admit that the supporting cast took some time to warm up to. Well let me be specific, everybody who isn’t Genos, Mumen Rider, Sonic, and Bang. I’m not going to say that the others don’t have their appeal, though clearly you might need more than the twelve episodes to find that attachment. This also isn’t to say that some of them didn’t have some standout moments. Tornado is just not the hero to mess with, Puri-Puri-Prisoner blinds your eyes every scene, and that’s just off of the top of my head. But focusing on some of the favorites, Genos really captured that hero who has so much power yet somehow manages to always fail. It killed me how many times he disappointed you, yet still won your heart because at the core he is cool as ****. Don’t even get me started on that one upgrade of his. That or just about every explosive fight he gets into that makes you feel as though he should be the star of the show. I mean come on, who else beats him in sick combo attacks?

It took till nearing the end of the first season for a story to truly develop, but it was worth the wait. With each passing episode, each fight got better as did the attention to what these different heroes had to offer when it mattered the most. They truly struck a balance between trying to give us pure entertainment while making sure there was substance to this. At the end of the day this was a superhero story where going out there and saving the day means something even if it is for material reasons.

Now what really drew me into this home media release of One-Punch Man was the six exclusive OVA anime shorts. Each OVA episode features a completely original story written by the manga’s original author ONE. From the first one I loved these because these were stories that you couldn’t really have put into the first episode without throwing us deep into the territory of fillers. Truthfully I don’t think many would mind fillers when it comes to One-Punch Man. I even kind of wished the ending video was the one they used in the actual anime when it was on tv. That said, a good number of these episodes focused on characters you might have wanted to see more of. Not to mentioned a some filled in some gaps during times where it felt like there was a skip in time. I do hope I wasn’t the only one who caught the Conan The Detective parody of the last short because that was brilliant for them to build it around.

In this box also comes a 96-page full-color booklet including chapter one of the manga. I read through this and there was a lot of appreciation for this addition. We tend to take a booklet like that for granted when it gets into details that you could easily have overlooked watching the anime or reading the manga. Some things are explored about characters, scenes, and approach to the series with specifics to create a better understanding of this world. Above where I said there wasn’t enough to take from the various background characters, this booklet created a solid foundation for what you need to know about them at the core. There are actually some I do want to see more of now because of new knowledge of them. The first chapter of the One-Punch Man manga isn’t anything too new if you’ve read or watched that first part, but it is still a treat to be able to take apart what is different or the same.

The six full-color collectible art cards looked very cool. Captured a number of favorite heroes and villains in the right light.

This One-Punch Man Home Media Edition is worth having. Whether you have seen those twelves episode or not, there are six more shorts for you to enjoy plus plenty that will further your grasp of the way this world works. That is with the addition of this being in english. All of it in general makes for the perfect collector’s value.

The ONE-PUNCH MAN Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contains a deluxe, four-disc collection (two DVDs & two Blu-ray discs), packaged in an exclusive chipboard box with specialty printing. The Combo Pack also includes six exclusive OVA anime shorts (only available on the Blu-ray Edition and the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) as well as  96-page full-color booklet and a premium full-color booklet featuring episode summaries, character profiles, interviews and more. Blu-ray episodes are presented in crisp 1080p HD video.

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