Outcast Season Finale “This Little Light” Review


Outcast Season Finale 'This Little Light' 2There aren’t many comic book TV shows that I would praise, but Outcast breaks the mold this first season. This is one of those which deviates from the books, but does it in a way that still manages to captivate you. The characters are written so well, the story is written so well. You really do ignore those differences in direction when this consistently found a way to keep you invested. As I’ve pointed out before, I do believe it has been said that Outcast was created with the intention of it becoming a show, so it makes sense how fluently this has transitioned.

The episode before was jaw-dropping as a reader watching the show too. There are some differences from the books, though that one was to an extreme.If you’ve seen my first review of Outcast then you noticed how I was dead set on emphasizing that something big was coming for Meghan as a main character. It took some time to get to that point, and big things did happen, but this right here was the tip of the iceberg. I foresaw her becoming possessed like she did in the books, but this threw us into uncharted territory with the twist of a possessed Meghan killing Mark. For those unaware, in the book she shoved him out of a window while Kyle and Anderson were trying to perform an exorcism on her. A violent exorcism might I add. Even the attempted exorcism contrasted which wasn’t all too much of a bad thing. How things ended left us and the plot with much more to work off of if there was a second season. Overall nothing like this was the expectation. Cool really when we all can be caught off guard. This is one of the few times I would genuinely tell those who read the books like me to be open to what is going on here because when the quality of storywriting is this good, you should be able to look past small things like following the book one-hundred percent.

Kyle has evolved a lot as a character from the first episode. The most natural progression you could want from someone who tortures himself with the past and only for the sake of those he love not getting caught up in his world. He rose to become the hero that he was needed to be. He may have been reluctant about his place in this conflict, but when push came to shove it was fun to see Kyle as someone you could root for. Fugit was the best person you could ask for to play Kyle. He understands what it means to find yourself at that lowest point and rise above it.

Horror definitely hits you in this season finale. The element of horror in Outcast is as strong as you could ask for. They don’t use shock value to get a reaction out of you. You worry for these characters you care about because they are all journeying into the unknown. Finding themselves in a place where just like us they don’t know what’s going to happen next. The fear created through this is genuine and the build up killer. It felt as though every point we reached we were close to a climax and while you will usually have those who com[plain that the very end didn’t have that same atmosphere, you have to remember that smart storytelling doesn’t always come with the necessity for mind-bending cliffhangers.

Outcast Season Finale 'This Little Light'Again with the differences from the book, there are many more aware of what’s going on which has been one of the more interesting developments for this first season. Not everyone knows fully what is going on, though they get the gist of it even if i is a suspicion. It shakes things up where there are more people who have a stake in whatever is going on. Personally I found this favorable for the fact that it didn’t sideline many to limit the cast to Anderson and Kyle. Sure we aren’t seeing too much of what you would say created the struggle of believing in the impossible for so many coming into awareness, but you can only do so for so long before you question why people can’t see the things happening with their very own eyes.

Reverend Anderson’s drastic measures in an attempt to finally rid the town of the devil did not disappoint. What has stood out about the tv version of the reverend is that he is so much more aggressive than you are familiar with. Challenging what you would do to protect your beliefs, and what line you would cross to do so.

Outcast Season Finale “This Little Light” doesn’t come with a full resolution to the issue at hand and that I loved most about this. The main fear someone like me may have had is that they would try to cram everything into the finale and that was not the case. They tied up loose ends, but also opened up the story to a different world than what we originally stepped into. One that is more aware of what it is becoming, with characters who are now prepared for the impossible.

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