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If you know me then you know it takes a very special movie for me to give in to a reboot. I mean it would have to be a movie that they should have gotten right on the first try and needed to get right. I was cautious about this Power Rangers reboot. There were a good number of things that didn’t sell me on it initially whether it was certain details about their armor, the shell of what was Goldar, or what looked to be too serious on the surface. After waiting for some to see the movie first, I then gave it a shot and I have to say the Power Rangers movie impressed me.

This is one of those movies where you just have to see it for yourself. If anyone has already looked at early review then it is clear that the Power Rangers movie is one of those cases where the fans love it, but the critics not so much. I wasn’t too surprised by this either, we all know critics can sometimes jump at these kind of reboots like sharks out of water. But I wanted to go into this with an open mind. I know what I was looking for with what is the Power Rangers at their core, and I do believe this movie nailed every aspect of it that would have made you fear they were steering this in an unfamiliar direction.

I think where this movie succeeded most is in the way they engaged us on a personal level. As a reader of the currently ongoing comic, there have been a number of times where I pointed out how the book is a step up for the depth they give to the Rangers. What they went through in school wasn’t enough, or the random shenanigans outside of school. There are times when we need to be reminded of the hero behind the mask. And that is what made this cast so great. This didn’t focus on just Jason as the cliche for being the leader. All of them in some way we explored their lives inside and out. Their chemistry was that much more stronger for it when getting to know each other was as important for them as it was for us. Having to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late was great for setting that sense of urgency, but that was just a stepping stone for the development that would get them to the point they needed to be. I mean one could easily say they were forced together, which is what happens with stories of destiny, but they took every minute to explain why there is more to this than destiny. Destiny usually means that you fail at the end, a truth people tend to forget.

Zordon and Alpha 5 were just a bit hit and miss. Alpha 5 was perfect because there was so much more energy to him and the new body I have to admit allows for more relevancy. I think we can all agree that a robot such as Alpha 5 should look and be able to do much more than he was in the show. As for Zordon, this might take some time though for now probably the weakest of the cast. Unfortunate to say though he didn’t have the impact you were hoping for. Alpha 5 felt more guiding than Zordon which isn’t a good look for him.

What also impressed me is how they even get into those small details that the original showed failed to at times. I mean there should always be much more to their headquarters than just the command center. Just reaching a place where they could train is a step in the right direction to much more that they should have access to over time.

The main fear again for the Power Rangers movie was that this would be too dark or serious. From what I saw it was dark and serious enough. They never tried to go overboard which I appreciate because we’ve seen what happens when you do (BvS). The Power Rangers movie was fun and it was entertaining because there was a sense of wonder to becoming a Power Ranger. On the surface this is a superhero movie and they never let us forget the excitement that comes with the idea that it could be you. Characters like Billy really sold us on the enthusiasm which made it that much harder every step of the way they struggled to fully access these powers.

Elizabeth Banks was the biggest surprise for this movie. I remember the first time they announced her as Rita Repulsa and showed her costume, instant profanities were flying. I just did not know what to think of this drastic change. With that said, when the movie started I saw this different Rita and absolutely loved her. I think part of me was connected to how she was in the show, even though the other part of me always longed for that version of her that was on the front line and giving the Power Rangers a run for their money. Seeing the latter made me instantly fall in love with Rita all over again. She was physically imposing, she made use of her magic, and above all she made her presence known to the world around her. There was actually motivation behind what she does here and that in my opinion was the spark that she had been missing till now.

My only gripe is that they do fall to the same habit as most movies like this where they get too attached to the idea that we need to see the faces while they are suited up. You can show their face while they are wearing the full suit. Unless they aren’t in action, there should be no reason why their faces can’t be covered.

If you are a true believer in what the Power Rangers can be and is, then this is the start of a great franchise. This was an origin story at the end of the day for yet another superhero movie, but this breaks the mold where it has to be quiet. This movie was anything but quiet from the minute they found their Power Coins to when Rita went on the attack to put her plans into motion.

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