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POWERLESS — “Green Furious” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Vanessa Hudgens as Emily, Alan Tudyk as Van — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Warner Bros. Entertainment/NBC)

I’ll say it every week that Powerless isn’t the show to sleep on. They have really found their rhythm in striking humor consistently, while also finding meaning to the many elements surrounding this Wayne Security team and the world around them. I mean we’ve seen Emily really come into her own as a leader, you’ve pretty much given up on Van coming across as any sort of competent boss, and as we make progress each week we are open up to the impressive creativity that goes into seeing the DCU from a different perspective.

Powerless “Green Furious” is an episode I personally looked forward to because despite all of this, the one area where we still need to make progress in is seeing more of this team as Wayne Security. I mean that is their job and while I know these kind of shows tend to neglect the job at times, you can’t ignore the interest in the sky being the limit in terms of what ways they go about improving the lives of the every day citizen. The very idea of Emily having her first board meeting is a step in the right direction. That is the next step in cementing the relevance of their efforts up to this point as time progresses pretty quick compared to where we were at the series premiere. I figured there would be simply more than just dealing with a board meeting which they had a smart approach to. This is no easy climb for Emily and this was one of the wiser moves they made that would challenge her resolve to not only get there, but get there her way.

Green Fury right now is one of my favorite developments since Charm City lost Crimson Fox. Again the world of Powerless is making the DCU their own and I love the efforts. You don’t need big established heroes, you can do just as much service to the world-building around them by making the RIGHT us of these heroes the way they are with Green Fury. I mean even Olympian begins to grow on you as he is getting more screen time to be seen as more than another cape. Dear god I was caught off guard

POWERLESS — “Green Furious” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Danny Pudi as Teddy, Ron Funches as Ron, Natalie Morales as Green Fury — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Warner Bros. Entertainment/NBC)

by his part in this episode. Though getting back to Green Fury, she has personality to her. After an episode like this you definitely want to see more of her. I know that I point out the want to see a variety of heroes though even just with the focus on one or two good heroes this works.

Now Teddy trying to find a way to grab Green Fury’s attention I somehow found myself entertained by for the fact that they aren’t shying away from him trying too hard. Like he said himself, this was an unhealthy obsession. There are times when one could say dial it back, but this wasn’t one of those situations. On the other hand we have Jackie who we continue to see more of from a different perspective. Being a mom is just another way of us seeing how the world loves to make it hard for Jackie to be nice or stay mean. Throwing Wendy into the mix is one sure-fire way to push some limits. Once again this was a great time to showcase her ridiculous nature and antics that you just can’t get from anyone else.

Powerless “Green Furious” I have to say is one of my favorites so far. The perfect balance of everything that you should want from a comedy based in a comic world. They nailed the humor, there was a solid story, character development, and all balanced with the right amount of service to comic fans.

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