Powerless “Sinking Day” Review


On the third episode it seems that Powerless is still finding its footing. We know the team, our main character Emily, and the challenges they have to face. Though there is still yet more ground to cover for this show to feel whole. Powerless “Wayne Dream Team” last week did take some big steps forward, but not in all the areas needed. This is the week where we have to find a consistency with the humor, but also find more reasons to invest in what this show has to offer in comparison to other comic book shows out there.

The main criticism I had about Powerless last week was the appeal of Van. There was something missing about his character that felt in the way of everything else interesting going on. I love Alan Tudyk in whatever role he plays, though it was hard getting into the relevance of his character compared to the rest. This episode however begins to resolve this issue. The appeal of his character still lies heavily upon his capability to work off of those around him. This time around his interactions with Emily catch your attention for the fact that we know he is incompetent, but others need to address how that incompetence doesn’t do them much good. Emily I’m loving more each episode because she is proving me wrong that she is a whimsical copy of other familiar characters. Having to deal with redeeming himself was a big step forward in terms of character development as if anyone needed it the most was him.

The introduction of Van’s father was the right opportunity to show that things can be serious in spite of this being a comedy. I’m sure that some of us out there prefer shows to still be balanced with some substance to it. The plot for Powerless “Sinking Day” shakes things up since Ace Chemicals is a big client, and we have to see what happens when they do screw up. We have seen them conveniently succeed, though there have to be times when they aren’t winners. This was that time and Van’s father was the right person to bring down the hammer about it.

Now Emily trying to cinch the deal with Atlantis was empowering. At first I couldn’t see her as a proper leader, and I’m glad that they are working to get her to that point. The potential for her is there which they don’t waste the opportunity to deliver.

One of the things I stick by is how Powerless must continue to focus on world-building from here and making us care about who these characters are as individuals outside of Emily as well as what they do. This week they are making this happen as well. The others are starting to stand out in their own way. The Hero League thing before was nice, but this here following Teddy and Ron being convinced that new employee Alex is a superhero is better. For a superhero world it is fun to see what happens when you are someone actually aware of the cliche in hiding secret identities in the workplace.

I must say that now that the team has worked through their rough edges their dynamic is now funny. The jokes didn’t quite stick before because it was sometimes forced and sometimes a bit too crude. They definitely wanted a different brand of humor from Powerless though that wasn’t the way to go. Now that there is a mutual respect all around we can get into things between them that actually makes sense. Such as playfully toying with the fact that this is a diverse cast with opinions about each other. One of the few times you can say what they say about each other and get away with it.

With Powerless “Sinking Day” the show is starting to hit a groove. Compared to the episodes previous they have shown more improvement towards being more than just another office sitcom.

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