Preacher “Gonna Hurt” Review


Since this trio aren’t going anywhere anytime too soon, we are faced with the only option that is getting comfortable in this town. Hopefully not too comfortable, but enough so that we don’t have to consistently question when they are prepared to leave to continue their mission. Nonetheless, this week is where we expect the wheels to start turning now that some other way will have to be found for Jesse and company to break away from their deal with Gran’ma.

Going into this fourth episode it becomes more apparent that the longer this trio stays in Angelville, the more danger they face. Wanting them to escape from this place is pretty much asking for them to leap into the lion’s den. They’ve been building up to the worst that they should have to deal with, and now was probably the best time for the tone to match. For Cassidy, I could see why they were teasing some conflict between him and Jesse this episode. Before, I would assumed they were trying too hard to push the tension from this love triangle (not to say they aren’t to some extent). Now I have to say clarity kicks in when seeing that every day Cassidy is there he is drawing attention to himself, and to the wrong audience. The position he finds himself in was inevitable, so how he gets out of it will be what we look forward to most.

Tulip since coming back from the dead has been redeemable from everything she has been through up to this point. A vulnerable and hesitant Tulip was not what we wanted to see after her past near-death experience with the Saint of Killers. Where the others hold back at times, she is supposed to be daring. From the start of this episode that is what we got out of her as she continues to find purpose on her own. Now at the same time she may be struggling with her need to make it up to Jesse after costing him his chance to get his soul back, but honestly anything she does right now is probably more interesting than what Jesse is doing. He is pretty much the reason why we are stuck on only city number 3 after what was hyped up to be a big road trip. With that said, it wasn’t hard to see why Tulip would begin creating more problems through her desire to get information. Her interactions with T.C. were interesting enough because he was a character who needed his layers to be peeled back. For all that we know he does, there was plenty more that we didn’t know which went through his mind. Tulip picked his brain and did so in a way that certainly left you on edge since his reaction to being prodded for answers could have led to anything wrong.

Meeting this other healer who stole the business from Gran’ma was an unexpected development, but one appreciated since we are seeing what a proper business looks like. One that doesn’t give you chills from the minute you walk through the doors.

Jesse I have been having some problems with as a character. Especially when it came to the events of season 3. It is only through his actions this season where you could start overlooking some of the lackluster development on his part. He needed that push to be more Jesse and less of the preacher. Would I have recommended trapping him in this city? Not at all, but he does seem to thrive around dangerous people. Especially when you would have thought Jesse was as dangerous as they come. One thing we did need to see at this stage is what it means for Jesse to work paying back his debt to Gran’ma. It was much more different to see how it goes when you’re older in contrast to when he was a kid and easier to reach people willing to hear him out.

Preacher “Gonna Hurt” shows us what happens when you look into the abyss of Angelville for it to look back. It takes the form of mad rituals, warring witches who call themselves healers, and plenty of troubled people looking for help in all the wrong places. This felt like a true introduction to the town which has genuinely set itself apart from the other destinations that have come before.

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