Preacher “Hilter” Review


***Warning For Possible Spoilers***

I don’t know what to say about this season so far. There has been some high points, and then there have been some moments of disappointment. A lot of things going on right now, but not all of it that you can say you would have wanted from this trio and the people they have gotten caught up with. We need progress, and I do believe that desperate need for it is why I keep giving chances each week for things to turn around. We need Genesis back, we need the group back together, and we need this mission to get back on the road. At least one of the three will do for this episode.

Jesse and Starr finally confronting each other again was all I could ask for at this point. Jesse and Tulip were practically running around in circles up to this point, and someone needed to make some significant move in order to get somewhere concrete. Everyone getting what they want right now may be easier said than done, but I would take anything over being stuck in the same place and running endless shenanigans to escape. With that said, everything about these three opposing forces clashing was fun. Gran’ma is not someone easily convinced to changed her mind about a deal, Starr is not someone who will take no for an answer, and Jesse was simply caught in the middle trying to make sure that it all ends in his favor. Then you had Tulip and Featherstone once again having their battle of words. They are combustible elements you love to see put together, even if they get in each other’s way at the same time.

For this partnership created between Jesse, Tulip, Gran’ma and Starr, I was surprised about what this involved for this to happen. A team-up between Tulip and Featherstone? You would have never seen that in the realm of possibility till now. More than that, it was shocking to see a would have been a bonding moment shared between Jesse and Gran’ma. She has such a strange way of showing her love for Jesse. I appreciate that at the end of the day we can come to an understanding of what more it is that Jesse wants to get out of this deal. Personal goals beyond getting Genesis back only benefit his personal growth. Visiting a place like Angelville doesn’t come without looking for some resolution.

Now Hoover securing this leverage for Starr was an interesting subplot for this episode. I was surprised to see how serious Starr is about leverage over Jesse, and even more so when it comes to the use of these above average Nuns. That was another shake-up to this world that felt just right considering what we have seen from the Grail so far.

Cassidy getting himself to adjust to this new crowd is still a tough pill to swallow. This pushes him further away from the others, even if it is about time he had some personal exploration on his own. That last part is what you try to see the best of in this plotline. It’s not an experience we are going to get too often where there are two vampires in the same vicinity who can relate to one another. Now while I say this, I soon found myself stumbling over my own choice of words. I was never too sure about where this was leading to between Cassidy and Eccarius, but I certainly was not prepared to actually see what was meant by Cassidy learning to love Eccarius in this episode. That could have meant a lot of things, but they were not using a play on words. While a left field development from these two characters by the end of the episode, you can’t deny the fun they are having tearing down the wall of expectations from what you think normally happens when two vampires meet.

The big twist however, was also coming to terms with the fact that there are still things that aren’t as they seem on the surface. I’m not sure how this obstacle is going to be dealt with, but it might take some otherworldly powers if you know what I mean.

Where I will step back from my criticism last week, is the redeemable catching-up with Hitler. Eugene was as dull as a sack of potatoes, but Hitler was entertaining. If it weren’t for the fact alone that he was still able to get away with using his real name, there was also the neglect from those around him who couldn’t pick up on his mannerisms that were far from appropriate for this time period. That’s not to say that it didn’t help most of those things said being in german. Overall, I loved his personality between working this life as a regular person, and the way he reacted once the Saint of Killers came for him next. Best acting I have seen from anyone in recent times trying to portray the guy. Especially in a modern setting.

Preacher “Hilter” was an improvement on the last few episodes. Its one step at a time, but a step in the right direction is the best that you can ask for.

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