Preacher “Schwanzkopf” Review


The game changed drastically after the events of last week’s Preacher “The Tom/Brady”. The events of that hour changed everything you thought you were prepared for. Yes, everyone at the same time has hit some sort of obstacle that will drag things on a little more, but at least things have gotten interesting. That is all you can ask for at this point. This week the anticipation is how they can dig down to overcome some of what has held them back.

Now there was plenty that I was expecting when it came to Jesse’s sticky situation at the hands of the Allfather, but I wasn’t at all prepared for what that quickly devolved into. Despite what everyone has somehow gotten themselves into, I’m surprised to see that it was Jesse who didn’t disappoint. He has seemed like the most troubled next to Cassidy, and hadn’t really been all that he can be. How he handled himself in the final moments of maybe losing Genesis, it was exciting to see that once again he isn’t someone to underestimate when his back is against the wall. How this ended for Jesse was all that you could ask for him, despite this being one victory in a long line of problems he would now have to correct. The Grail’s work was still something to address, and then there was what Tulip got herself into. When you already know how far he would go to save her, it’s not hard to imagine he can take a step further to do it again.

The first loose end that Jesse needed to tie up was quite the challenge. He could have done a lot of things before taking his leave, but I’m glad that his actions showed that he has grown since the events of the second season. That version of him would have done some questionable things without his emotions in check.

Now where the situation that Tulip got herself into took her? That I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed about. There was of course the O’Hare curse that would make things go sideways for her at the last-minute, but it really didn’t feel like this was one of those times to again jump into the cliche. The execution of her possible triumph just didn’t seem too inspired, and definitely didn’t make you like a certain character any more than you already didn’t. At least for me that is since he has had almost nothing substantial to offer this story so far. Despite Tulip’s plan going south, I very much enjoyed how nothing got in the way of her plotting and thinking on her feet in ways that no one else could in her position.

Cassidy and Eccarius finally hashing it out over what he has actually been doing to acquire his power was a point of interest. I never thought this was where the two would end up when they first met, but this in no way has been your average meeting between two vampires. The argument I found to be very engaging. With the charade dropped, there was just two vampires with a disagreement about the value of human lives. It only made sense that no matter how this went, Cassidy wouldn’t be all too pleased about what has happened behind his back. Now when the words ended and all that was left was the inevitable clash? Eccarius didn’t really surprise you when he was yet another who gives Cassidy a run for his money in a fight. What mattered most was what came after. When Eccarius isn’t someone you can argue with or beat physically, there’s nothing good that you can expect to come next. His response was fitting since everything came down to both saving himself and saving face.

Preacher “Schwanzkopf” I would say fixed some things, while at the same time unfortunately not doing too much to lessen the divide between these characters. Nine episodes in feels a bit troubling that there’s no doubt this season will be another where a road trip to find god is barely what you can call the secondary mission.

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