Preacher Season Finale “The Light Above” Review


Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Colin Cunningham as T.C., Jeremy Childs as Jody – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Would you look at that? Here we are at the season finale of the third season of Preacher. A third season where we have spent a whole season in one place (for the most part). For a road trip that was supposed to set us on a journey to find God for answers, we have not gotten nearly enough out of what this world has to offer the trio. Has this season been disappointing? Yes, but has it lacked moments of redemption? I’ll give credit that there have been some weeks where you could once again call this fun and twisted.

Would I say that Jesse’s final trip back to Angelville was worth the wait? I would say yes, and no. The entrance that Jesse made was great and all, but they utterly milked out the rest of his role for the season finale. It felt like someone jumped up and said “He waited a whole season for this revenge. Let’s savor it till the very end.” Unfortunate, but that is all I could think about despite Jesse trying to get revenge in his own way instead of using Genesis to beat everyone. I mean sure, Genesis is a bit of a cheat code for him to overpower anyone, but what he does with it when he gets it back is everything you’ve been waiting a whole season to see. Even if restraint is a sign of his growth since the events of the last season. With that said, Jesse versus Jody was an intense battle of fists and wit. How it concluded between the two was at least what you pictured when these two would come to blows for the last time. The final bit of revenge for Gran’ma was on the other hand worth the wait.  The best bit of acting on her part, and Jesse’s once these two opposing forces finally aired it all out. The deals, the hatred, the pettiness, it was all put on the table and that scene was all the more thrilling for it.

Now what really came of the situation with Tulip and company derailed on the bus, was a breath of fresh air. I really feared what we were actually seeing because it was just too out there and distancing from everything else going on, but what the situation actually turned out to be was an exciting twist. Especially when it is going to take one hell of an obstacle to take down both the Saint of Killers and Satan’s hound. I was only disappointed because they really held back on the action from those two. There was some carnage, but nothing you could see with great clarity. I suppose it was what followed that stood out most. Honestly there was only a few ways this could go down, but what came around for Tulip again was the least expected outcome.

Erinn Ruth as Angel of Death, Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

I felt like the flashback this time around to younger Jesse and Gran’ma was one of the most important trips to the past we needed to better understand the relationship between the two. For everything that Jesse feared about her, we really needed them to cut to the thick of the situation and hit us with the moment which threw him over the edge to leave. I’ll hand it to the actor who plays younger Jesse since I’ve never found the time to give him recognition. He played the role very well, and looked close enough to play the part. There was the attitude, and the air about him that always puts you on edge since Jesse has that darkness he struggles with.

Cassidy’s struggle with death at the hands of Eccarius and his cult I would call a slow burn. It wasn’t a bad one either, considering Cassidy is a guy who we tend to underestimate for the years of experience he has in thinking outside the box when it comes to survival. The plan he set in motion last week quickly took off, and everything came down to execution, and taking no doubt that Eccarius would fall prey to his own habits. There was some hints to take from the scenes leading up to that big moment, but there’s was no telling what Cassidy truly had planned till everyone was ready to drop the charade. The big question for Cassidy’s part was where the danger from Starr would come from. Knowing that kind of ruined the danger he faced from Eccarius, but you at least knew then that he was not going to die at his hands.

The scene in Hell was a big one. While I can’t say that I have been overly enthusiastic about the future of Preacher, this was a big moment for the sake of world-building alone. When you know that the rules have changed, and certain parties have over-played their hand, all that’s left is to shake things up. They flipped everything you knew about the direction of this game on its head. Whatever would come next for Jesse and gang, it would be bigger, and fortunately a part of a bigger plan than dealing with his Gran’ma.

As far as season finales go? Preacher “The Light Above” was not bad at all. An overall disappointing season, but episodes like this were standout at the end of the day. Longtime enemies fall, stronger enemies rise from the ashes, and the war for the fate of the world has evolved in a way that does indeed go beyond simply finding God. For better or for worse.

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