Preacher “Sonsabitches” Review


I have to say that I’m in the testing phase for if I could see myself continuing with this series. Like some fans, I found myself disappointed when we had such a spectacular first season that ended with the impression that this trio would embark on a road trip and raise their brand of hell along the way as they looked for God. However, that was not the case with the second season. They got to New Orleans, they looked around, and then they stayed there for the entire season getting almost nothing done…. The best thing that season had was the promise of the Saint of Killers stirring up some trouble, and did. Now we have this third season, and you can’t help but fear that they might do the same as the second season.

Last week’s season three premiere wasn’t a bad one as they saved Tulip, but the rescue was all that there was. Right now, it’s what they do after that matters most. Jesse has to get his soul back, and he has to deal with his “family” here, but the dealbreaker is how they proceed from there this week.

So with that said, for this episode I did enjoy what unfolded as there were immediate problems to deal with. Having Tulip wake up, there was the rough patches of this trio to smooth through. Mainly when it came down to Jesse and Cassidy fighting over Tulip. They have been at odds about this and the tension keeps you at the edge of your seat since the last thing you want to see from these two is tearing themselves apart. I still believe Jesse should have more of a problem handling a vampire, but that wouldn’t make him as dangerous as his reputation if he wasn’t. As for Tulip herself, it was a bit of a cop-out what she was able to remember and what she was not. Clearly they want to present her with the message she was sent when the plot demands it, and obviously they want to do this once all their current problems are dealt with. Does make up for the approach, but at the very least she was left with the desire for revenge for what was done to her. A better fallout than when she dealt with her vulnerability after her encounter with the Saint of Killers.

Jesse’s plan to get back Genesis was a step in the right direction, because this as well could only be dragged on for so long before he began looking for solutions, and those that are a bit more permanent. His need to knock out two birds with one stone was a plus as well considering pacing is everything right now. The dynamic between the three, even if just for now was nostalgic since they are capable of a lot when they are actually working together and on the same page.

The grandmother on the other hand continues to be a point of interest for what she brings to the table in terms of her capabilities. Her actions and attitude made sense of why Jesse was so desperate to leave Angelville and never return. It goes without saying that the reveal of the process in how she stayed young was welcomed. There was more legitimacy to the way that souls can be taken from people, and it was now understood why she is currently in the condition she is in. All that aside, she’s simply dangerous in her ambitions alone. Willing to go to great lengths to get what she wants, and she makes no mistake in letting you know that her needs come first before anything else.

Overall, it does still seem as though they are trying to milk out this trio’s time in Angelville, but at least the obstacles they face here aren’t distractions. Their actions here matter, and even more the consequences for better or for worse. Again, I only hope that this will not be another season where our characters spend the entirety of their time in one place before moving on.

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