Preacher “The Coffin” Review


***Warning for possible spoilers***

Friendships, relationships, and reputations were put to the test in last week’s episode of Preacher, and no one was safe from the judgement. I have my problems with the direction of the show right now, but I can’t deny how good things are right now when they’ve tapped into that darkness of Angelville. Things are getting twisted, and it was about time that the series embraced that above anything else. Particularly if you want to challenge this trio for all that is hyped up about them.

The fallout to Cassidy’s escape was the big anticipated moment this week. No matter what came next, there was no way that Jesse and Tulip could get away with his escape without someone putting the pieces together that they assisted him. The only question that followed was what the punishment would be for this betrayal. A fight was inevitably going to come with Jody and TC, but I didn’t expect it this soon. When that time came, I loved that they had fun with it. The background music quickly took the atmosphere, and from there it was nostalgic seeing Jesse and Tulip doing what they do best together. As usual I was impressed by Tulip’s resourcefulness facing off against TC. She was pretty much facing off against someone who could be just as dangerous given the right resources and time to build something. Jesse on the other hand was cool to see in action again, even if you already knew how things would end for him at the start.

Now the punishment Jesse faced for everything between last week and this one was chilling. You could now understand why he was trying so hard not to rock the boat. The voodoo pain infliction was one thing, but the “time-out” they gave him was a wake-up call that he could be just as disposable as his mother was. As for Tulip. she gets your blood pumping when there’s no limit to what she will say at the wrong time. Since the minute she came back to life she has been poking at the bear. Asking the wrong questions, looking where she shouldn’t, and then mocking everything about Grandma. The response she got was exactly what she was asking for, for better or for worse. This episode was some of the most that we’ve seen from Grandma. She just needed that one nudge to become more proactive, and Jesse and Tulip gave her that very reason. They handled making her threatening very well. There was a plan towards how she kept Jesse on a leash, and there was an extra measure put in place for Tulip. This came with a shocking surprise when that inevitable moment came for Grandma, but there was also no better time to address what can and cannot be done right now. Great for the sake of thickening the plot, but bad for any of us that were hoping that their escape would come sooner rather than later.

Herr Star trying to prepare Humperdoo to be the Messiah in Jesse’s absence was an unexpected development. I mean everything about Humperdoo is quite disturbing, and the attempts to make him someone convincing as a messiah was doing him no favors. The best you could ask for here was finally seeing who Herr answers to. That gave us all we needed to know about what motivates him to get the job done, and without failure. The All-Father or whatever he calls himself was a nice parody of a religious figure who sits up there only to fill his own belly so to speak. At the end of the day, it seemed like it was the destination that mattered most for Herr when he required a push to begin making the right calls for himself. When you know who he is and what he stands for, it made it that much harder to believe that he could be so obedient in the face of such idiocy.

On the other hand there’s catching up with Cassidy, which leaves you wondering what to do next with his character. You know they aren’t going to separate him for too long, so you are then left wondering how they planned to make him relevant again. With that said, seeing him decide first to go on a date so soon was heartbreaking. He could have done plenty of things getting back to New Orleans, but when you’re a vampire it does make sense to quickly look for new ways to combat the loneliness. It takes a good while for Cassidy to fall in with this group of mysterious strangers in New Orleans, however, I’m not too sure on how I feel about that twist to his story. He would only become a distraction with Jesse and Tulip right now, but the direction they are pulling him in general feels like a distraction.

Preacher “The Coffin” is bold and quick to the action. Now isn’t the time for anyone to be walking on eggshells, and this episode cut straight to the chase in what it’s going to take to escape from the twisted town of Angelville

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