Preacher “The Tom/Brady” Review


Annville, Angelville and the Grail teaming up to steal souls in New Orleans and Osaka for the sake of everyone getting what they want has been a good turning point for this season. Disappointing that by the end of this season we would have spent the whole time in the same locations, but you can overlook to an extent how much we are getting out of characters actually making decisive moves towards what they want most. Nothing hurts this series more than a lack of progress.

Jesse and Starr working together is always a surprise for how things tend to turn out between the two of them. This latest tag team is no different when Starr continues plotting with half-truths to get what he wants. Taking out the Allfather was always going to be an inevitable endgame, but I certainly was not expecting that to happen so soon. I suppose it works for the very fact that Jesse was as unprepared as we were. Only difference, Jesse isn’t the kind of guy you corner without fighting back hard. That kind of action is honestly what we like to see from Preacher, and I wish they didn’t try so hard to do everything but what we want to see. Of course, for those who saw the promo, Jesse does find himself in a sticky situation despite his skill. It was what came after which was exciting. This felt exactly like the kind of atmosphere set when you face that head honcho. The Allfather was dangerous for more than just his ambition. It was the resources and lengths he found himself willing to go in order to have Genesis for himself.

The craziness of the Grail’s attempts to extract Genesis was bold for a religious organization. While the fight that broke loose was a treat, it was the over-the-top gorefest of their trial and error which felt more familiar. One thing we came to terms with for the show was that much would be toned down. It is fortunate when there are scenes such as what we got that challenges how far they can go. Even the execution of that fated moment was worth the wait for the reaction alone from Jesse.

Tulip and Featherstone provided some laughs when everything else unfolding was serious business. Not to say that what she, Featherstone, and Jody were tasked with wasn’t important, but they still found the time to squeeze some humor out of doing what they do best. It was only predictable when you knew that no matter how smoothly this went, there would still be the outcome that was the same since the start of this season. It helped that this time around they shook things up by at least throwing a couple of others into the fire with her. It can’t always be Tulip who gets the short end of the stick.

Now Gran’ma finding out about Genesis was probably the worst thing for this mission. The Devil coming back into play to strike a deal with her was also the worst development for Jesse and company when now he is setting his sights on more than just saving his reputation or his plans to rule a world without God in Heaven.

How they are handling Cassidy’s story has been favorable for the fact that they are getting from point A to B with strong pacing. For as interesting as it is for Cassidy to run into another vampire, and one more powerful than he is, there was only so long he could go on without noticing the truths that are being kept from him. That specifically being the truth behind how Eccarius gets his various powers, and how he isn’t much in the loop about what happens to these newly created vampires who are sent off into the world. There was one too many questions for him to simply turn away because he was “broken”.

The game changes drastically by the end of Preacher “The Tom/Brady”. The events of this hour changed everything you thought you were prepared for. Yes, everyone at the same time has hit some sort of obstacle that will drag things on a little more, but at least things have gotten interesting. That is all you can ask for at this point.

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