Preacher “The Tombs” Review


Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Right now I would call this chapter of Preacher a mixed bag for reactions. On one hand this new town offers everything maddening about this world that we’ve been missing out on since the first season, but on the other hand these characters are once again getting in the way of themselves when the focus should be working as one to escape from Angelville. The unfortunate part is that once you think of the latter, its hard to overlook anything else which should excite us.

You ask for the dark things that make Angelville the worst destination so far, and what you get is the introduction of The Tombs. We’ve seen some inhumane stuff up to this point, but this one right here takes the cake. Despite current feelings towards Jesse, it did at the very least help to see how he felt about this so-called entertainment when he was younger. This time around we could see more of the fear he experienced around T.C. and Jody who were no different as they are now. Between the henchmen and that place, they brought out the worst in him and probably were the start of that darkness which grew within. Now back to the present, it was good to see where Jesse has changed since then. He could go to that dark side, but he has come a long way from that person who made mistakes out of fear. The only problem is that not everyone can see that. Which leads to what I would call the second most anticipated moment of this episode which was the inevitable clash between Jesse and Cassidy. Once again we were seeing these character get in their own way, but at the same time a fight has been something to look forward to for a long time now.

Picking up where we left off with Tulip, she has been getting bold since she was given her “mission” from God. For better or for worse she has gotten back to what we know and love about her when it comes to stirring up some trouble. Running into this other healer, it was good to at least see that there wasn’t any hocus pocus involved with what they do. It’s a legitimate business, which equals a legitimate conflict. The most useful flashback in this episode was the one that would give us an understanding as to the hate Boyd directs at Jesse, and why she refuses to help him. It all became clear when you find out how they knew each other and where things went wrong. I myself was a bit caught off guard by the words she carries to the present.

Not to get sidetracked with Tulip, but after this episode, she definitely rises to the top where the other two fall a bit lower. Where the world around those two changes them, Tulip defies everything that isn’t her doing what she wants. That is something to get behind whether the end destination is favorable or not.

It has been a long time since we’ve been in hell, and honestly I forgot that there was some loose ends there. While our trio isn’t trying to be too eventful for their main mission, events unfolding down below quickly grab our attention because it’s all new and refreshing. A good change of pace when there is an unexpected element to toy with. Seeing that we weren’t done with the Saint of Killers was one thing, but it was a treat that we could finally be introduced to Satan. I mean, makes sense right? If we can find God, and even find that he likes to dress up in a leather dog suit, is it a stretch to also get to meet Satan himself? I enjoy most that from the minute he speaks he is a fun character. He has his ambitions, he has his plans, and he is the one catalyst to shake up everything with word spreading that God isn’t in Heaven. In general, he was all that you would hope for him to be as the embodiment of evil.

As for the Saint of Killers, his new mission wasn’t too hard to figure out if you remembered who would still be on Hell’s radar. It only ever comes down to the duo who escaped, Jesse, or God. If you played process of elimination correctly, you could work it out on your own while at the same time finding excitement in why he would want to see this through to the end.

The game changes by the end of Preacher “The Tombs”. Friendships, relationships, and reputations were put to the test and no one was safe from the judgement. All personal issues aside, what’s going on right now is great for what it is.

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