Reign Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Pilot’ Review


Reign Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

In 1557, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots has been living in a convent since the age of nine. Since childhood she has been engaged to the Dauphin of France and awaits her return to the Royal French Court. The pilot opens up with a young man walking in the woods upon white petals and blood soon begins to drip from the sky, he awakens with a start and states ‘she’s is coming’. The next scene takes us to Mary who is playing a game of ball with the other females at the convent. Mary and the nuns sit down for supper when one of the nuns who is actually Mary’s taster dies from food poisoning. Before she leaves she is given a rosary by a young girl names Rose who warns her of the ghost and tortured souls that hide within the walls of the French court.

Meanwhile in the home of King Henry II and his wife Queen Catherine, the place is preparing for the arrival of Queen Mary and the wedding of Elizabeth to Spain. Bash the oldest and bastard child of King Henry and his mistress Diana de Poitier sees his brother Prince Francis adjusting his clothing also preparing for the arrival of his betrothed. Queen Catherine talks with her husband about Queen Mary’s safety and that her arrival now will upstage their daughter’s wedding however, King Henry believes this would be a great opportunity to show their alliance with Scotland. When the king leaves Catherine tell her son Francis his father may talk like a king but relies on her money and that Francis won’t be married till she says so.

Queen Catherine is then seen talking with the man from earlier in the episode who is now revealed to be Nostradamus. She asks him what of her son’s future with the queen of Scots and he tells her to be patient. The announcer blows his horn announcing the arrival of Mary and her ladies. The king his queen, his mistress Diana and his son Bash are the first to await the arrival of Mary. Mary and her ladies in waiting Kenna, Greer, Aylee, and Lola embrace in a hug and Aylee tells that other that they are here to help Mary win the heart of Francis for alliances can shift.  Queen Catherine followed by her son Prince Francis comes to see Mary. Catherine approaches Nostradamus and ask what he saw in his vision to which he replies “It is clear, the union with Mary will cost Francis his life”  this revelation startles the queen.

The ladies and Mary prepare for Elizabeth’s wedding and the ladies decided to go and explore while Mary takes some trips down memory lane and explores her old rooms and finds Francis making knives and swords. She then leaves while Francis keeps himself occupied with a young lady. Mary then returns with something so Francis could sharpen his swords, she is then hurt by the fact Francis is not alone in his room and  his statement that husband do not answer to his wives. As Mary outside the castle chases after her dog his stop by Bash who tells her that young woman, royals should not be unaccompanied and he shall find her dog.

Lola is bathing while Collin her suitor surprises her. Lola and Collin go seek permission from the queen when Lola is dismissed. Mary is preparing for the wedding when she hears creaking in her room. She then goes to investigate the noise to find a hand and a voice that tells her not to drink the wine. While at the party, Lola searches for Collin who greets Mary and hands her a glass of wine, she remembers the voice from earlier. Mary and her ladies take to the dance floor to dance after the dance of the married couple, thus liven up the party. Mary and Bash eyes meet for a moment and then are interrupted as Francis and Mary share a moment. Lola, Greer, Kenna and Aylee notices that it is time for consummation as the married couple depart to their bed to engage in sexual intercourse. Mary and her ladies decide to spy on the married couple in their act as husband and wife. The married couple is prepared and blessed; Elizabeth however is a bit nervous that they are people watching them as they consummate their marriage. The ladies and Mary began excited from what they had just witness and depart to quell their urges. Kenna is masturbating in a hall when she is surprise by someone giving assistance and to turn around and discover it’s King Henry (they proceed to make out). Mary goes to find Francis to which he apologizes for his actions earlier. She becomes clearly upset and hears from Francis that an alliance with Scot could ruin France and Mary tells him that he is not the only one with a country to think of. Later that night while Mary is in bed Collin attempts to rape Mary.

Lola, Greer, Aylee, Kenna discuss Collins actions and the effects on  in which if Collin would have succeeded it would ruin Mary’s chance to marry Francis and ruins the ladies chances at court as well. Mary walks into their discussion and discovers that Collin may have been set up. She demands from the King and Queen to speak with Collin and that he was executed, beheaded that morning. Mary goes back to tell Lola to which Lola upset states that they are disposable and not her friends but her subjects and that anyone close to her could be harmed. Mary is upset by this and leaves to the room to find that Bash has found her dog. Mary thanks him and Bash sees his mother who asked about his whereabouts and to take care and be careful about Mary for she will never be his.

The next day she is questioned by Francis about what Collin was doing in her bed. He thinks that Mary was trying to get back at him and almost ruined her reputation. Francis almost kisses Mary but doesn’t and runs off. Queen Catherine watches from a window and it is revealed that Queen Catherine told Collin to rape Mary using a potion from Nostradamus and asks if his vision has changed and he states no. Later that night Mary is seen outside by herself and thinks an unknown person for saving her life, when she turns around that person is nowhere to be seen.

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