Review: Amazing Spider-Man #7 – With A Bit Of Marvellous


Perhaps a better name for the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, would be Ms. Midas, because right now it appears as though everything she touches turns to gold. Amazing Spider-Man has been feeling flat in its 6 most recent issues, too cartoony, and all together a bit of a one note affair. Not to be mistaken, the book is still of a certain quality, but one that’s perhaps designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, and sadly therefore never excel.

Featured in this book is an adult Peter Parker. He’s an adult in an adult world, but caught in the constant dilemma of requiring problems relatable to teenagers. Right now this is being done by another new character Cindy Moon, Silk, who because of “pheromones” can’t stop making out with an equally heated Peter Parker. It is functional but so far in its execution has lacked any real rational consideration.

While Dan Slott still plotted the issue providing overall direction, the writing duties for Amazing Spider-Man #7 have fallen to Christos Gage, who with a sure hand, has taken all of the aforementioned problems facing the current Amazing Spider-Man book and together with Giuseppe Camuncoli created what is simply the best issue of Amazing Spider-Man so far in this current volume.

Laughs are had at the expense of Peter and Cindy’s uncontrolled hormones early in the issue, but these merely act as a prelude to Cindy seeing sense and realising she’d be better served being anywhere that wasn’t near Peter Parker and their pheromone connection. Cindy gets out and likewise Peter decides he needs to blow off steam by patrolling as Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man #7 Meanwhile, a Kree woman masquerading around in the old uniform Ms. Marvel uniform of Carol Danvers catches the attention of some Carol fans whose immediate response is to post on a message board that fellow Carol Danver’s groupie Kamala Khan just so happens to get notification for. Affronted by the nerve of the Kree dragging Carol’s name through the mud, Kamala decides she must skip class and go defend her inspiration’s honour.

It’s a very eat set-up that with perfect logic provides a reason for Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel to end up in the same place. It is written by Gage with a consistent, quick, pace that moves the story forwards while condensing plenty of extra details around the edges.

From the moment Kamala and Peter meet the issue is a complete joy to read. Kamala has what is already one of her trademark geek outs over meeting Spider-Man in person and immediately proceeds to grill him with questions, mostly about his past with one Carol Danvers.

Kamala exclaiming, “Oh! My! Gosh! You’re Spider-Man! I’m in a Spider-Man Team-Up!” simultaneously made me laugh, smile, and delight over how perfectly utilised both characters were in this issue. While Kamala is stretching her legs around the superhero community, making friends and earning herself a reputation, she has also covertly been getting her supporting character into situations that perfectly demonstrate the core appeal of where they come from. In her solo series she did this with Wolverine, and here in Amazing Spider-Man she has accomplished the same with Peter Parker.

The action sprawls across numerous pages pencilled by Giuseppe Camuncoli and coloured by Antonio Fabela. While the cartoon styling is maintained akin to previous issues, it is amazing how a detail as small as proportioning the characters like real people can make a book feel like a completely different experience. It’s a detail that makes all the difference when Kamala uses her embiggening powers. Her limbs stretch across panels and use the three visual dimensions of the printed page creatively throughout. If anything Ms. Marvel steals the show from a Spider-Man who is only really good for a save or two in the end in what becomes Kamala’s battle.

Before long the Kree’s agenda is revealed and a twist ending ups the stakes for a second issue and conclusion to this story.

Not done there though, Amazing Spider-Man #7 also includes a sample from Edge of Spider-Verse, and at no extra cost.

This is without a doubt the strongest Amazing Spider-Man has been since before Superior started to feel like a worn concept. The breath of fresh air provided by Christos Gage has brought to life something in Amazing Spider-Man that is as compelling as it is fun. It is with a heavy heart then that he is only on board for this single issue. Dan Slott is back writing in Amazing Spider-Man #8 so enjoy this as an Amazing one off.

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Peter Parker and Kamala Khan is a team-up that takes all of Peter Parker's baggage and pushes it aside to focus on a good old fashioned romp that is pure fun and must be read.

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