Review: Angel & Faith: Season 10 #8 – Desperation And Redemption


Angel & Faith: Season 10 has had an interesting transition of direction for both Angel and Faith in their lives. Angel on one hand still dealing with his many troublesome magical beings popping up at every turn(including old faces). Then we have Faith who is still looking for her place and redemption at the same time. Victor Gischler knows where he wants to take these characters and the journey is what you stick around for as they reach their goals. Angel & Faith: Season 10 overall is a character driven story and that much is the best you can ask for when it comes to these two characters moving on from all the craziness before(so to speak).

angelaf10n8p3While again it is hard to find that place where Angel can be exciting as himself, you do have to give Victor Gischler when he can make up for Angel’s lack of personality through a great cast of supporting characters. Angels has built up a reputation in Magic Town and that makes him someone who many notable people are aware of and people he can associate with when needing a lead on something out of his grasp. Those interactions tend to be of interest when they are never that willing to work with Angel knowing that assistance can bring trouble for them down the road. Amy making her return is the best thing that could have happened because she is a witch who can really take advantage of what Magic Town has to offer as a power source for the magical beings.

Faith’s progressive road to redemption is the stand out storyline as this time as she continues her “straight-up strong-arm jungle rescue” for Riley and the other prisoners of the vampires. This is a danger that you appreciate most in this series when again these vampires are those who have been effected by the new rules of magic. Aside from this the conversation that Faith has with Sam was eye-opening when it comes to understanding what it is that Faith is looking for from her rescuing of Riley. Sam’s reaction to Faith’s confession and apology was spot on and natural considering what Sam knows and believes. Any writer could have made that overly dramatic, and yet this was straight to the point without getting too lost in emotions.

The mysticism of this story is something which comes off as the most appealing aspects of this story, in particular when it comes to Angel’s storyline. We are in Magic Town where things supernatural should stand out, and in the case of Amy her presence could not be stronger. One would question why she needs Angel having all that power in her grasp, and the way she lets loose at the end shows just the kind of force Angel is dealing with. Even just adding that effect with Amy’s eyes as they turn black was important to make noticeable. One small thing that should be pointed out is the bottle near the beginning that says Dark Horse on it. It’s nothing special, though it is nice to notice something like that without looking for it.

Angel & Faith: Season 10 #8 is still making progress on both sides of the story while upping the stakes at the same time. Both Angel and Faith find themselves in a bid and it’s all about what they can do in a pinch that will determine how they walk out of their respective situations.

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Both sides of the story interesting and giving you a balance between character moments and action.

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