Review: Black Widow #3 – Another Day in the Life


Black Widow’s new solo series continues this month, shipping faster than usual, but never feeling like a rushed story. This series thus far has become more of a character study of who Natasha is instead of what she does.

Black Widow #3 is mostly focused on another solo mission that Natasha goes on. Natasha leaves her apartment (and pet cat whether she wants it or not) to go and break a man out of prison. She’s given the task to rescue this man because he’s in prison for a crime he supposedly did not commit. What follows is a prison escape because according to Black Widow, prisons need her permission to hold her. The bulk of the book is the prison escape with some wonderful jungle scenes, tons of action, and a great ending that shows off more of who Natasha, the person is, and not the assassin/ex-KGB agent.

Despite the smaller amount of exposition in this issue, Edmondson is crafting a story that will define who Natasha, the woman is and black-widow-3_4that’s why this series is so special. Her inner monologues show the differences between who she is as an assassin and who she is internally. She’s so against forming any connection with anything or anyone. Much of her “cold heartedness” comes from her experiences in the field. She’s seen so many operatives with a “real life” on the outside die quicker. By not having any attachments to anything, it’s almost like she’s 100 percent sure that her work will be better than the rest.

There’s also this underlying fear in her shown by Phil Noto’s wonderful art. Natasha’s facial expressions during certain panels read more than anything she could actually say. Her reaction to the twist in her prison escape, her expression towards the cat and even how she looks when she’s in her apartment alone at night. She’s a lot deeper than I think most fans have thought before. There’s a real loneliness here. She refuses to get attached to anyone and that appears to hurt her more.

Aside from all this emotional drama, there has been a lot of action here. It’s a great spy story helping to expand on this character more outside of the Avengers. Noto’s art works well here. It’s beautiful but still captures the action. Art doesn’t need to be sloppy in action scenes.

The only major complaint here is that the series doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now. These isolated missions have set the tone very well and have done a great job of introducing Black Widow to a new audience but it is time to up the ante. There have been hints at a bigger picture here and with an appearance by a major S.H.I.E.L.D character, it looks like that will change, which makes me really excited going forward.

While Black Widow #3 is a great comic with the best art in any Marvel comic, I am still waiting for more. We know that Black Widow can kick some serious butt but I want to see more. I have total faith that Edmondson and Noto won’t let me down.

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Another great outing for Black Widow but it leaves me wanting more of a larger plot.

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