Review: Cyclops #5 – An Honorable End


It’s the end of Greg Rucka’s run on Cyclops that has everyone dreading this day. It has been one heck of an adventure so far with young Cyclops and Corsair as they not only have the space adventure of a lifetime, but also the father-son moments that they have been denied through unfortunate circumstances. Who knows if any of this can possibly affect the present X-Men like Cyclops, but nonetheless this has been memorable from start to finish of this story arc when you can look back and say that really happened.

Cyclops2014005_int2-page-001Cyclops and Corsair are still stranded on the alien planet, they got everything they needed to say to each other off their chests including Corsair’s big secret, and now they have found their chance at being rescued even if pretty slim. Though everything was up to chance, you’d rather that than a cookie-cutter plan that assumed that they really knew what they were doing. This is Corsair we’re dealing with. A guy who thinks on his feet and on impulse. Better was how the story split between these two and the bounty hunters. Especially when it came to the stipulation with how these hunters went about their profession. Their culture influences the way they hunt and it shows that Rucka cares about showing more than just different faces and species. That’s what makes a cosmic story unique compared to others that just throw a hero into space without a care for what lies out there that is rich in diversity.

The only thing you might find a problem with is just trying to split your attention between the story following these bounty hunters and what Cyclops is taking note of in his journal. Neither side are written bad, but it just feels like a little too much going on at the same time that you’re trying to process.

Now with that said, when it comes to Corsair and Cyclops’ plans set in motion you enjoy that things didn’t go exactly as you would have expected at first. Could have been a simple ambush and they’re gone, but Rucka gave us more than that which is what any reader should deserve when nothing has been that easy for the two.

Now it is strange that Russell Dauterman wasn’t on art for this final issue. We know that he and Rucka aren’t going to continue after this story arc, but you’d think we’d have both together till the very end. Now with that said things still looked great when Carmen Carnero not only is good at creating realistic body types, but shows how time progresses for Cyclops and Corsair through looking rugged and unshaven.

At the end of the day Cyclops #5 puts Cyclops and Corsair on a path that we can feel comfortable with going forward. There’s less tension between the two and they work very well together when they are willing to put their trust in one another. This was the best way to put Cyclops on a path where he acts more mature rather than angry. He’s a teen yes, though living a life where being grown up is the best option to survive.

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Cyclops #5 puts Cyclops and Corsair on a path that we can feel comfortable with going forward.

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