Review: Deathlok #2 – Priorities


Deathlok #2 continues the double life of Henry Hayes who is now the infamous Deathlok and doing what he does best under the orders of “Control”. An interesting second issue when more time is taken to show how Henry Hayes tries to balance his life at home with the missions he doesn’t even know about. A series that you could simply pass off for action and takes a more personal turn to give you more reason to invest in this new incarnation of Deathlok.

DEATHLOK2014002-int-LR2-2-142daThis issue has a fairly slow build up to it even though the start throws us into the action. It’s pretty much just another mission though giving us a better grasp as to how this unknown organization operates. You can obviously tell that this is a story that will take it’s time progressing when you are following how this organization struggles to maintain the Deathlok side being kept secret while we also have this SHIELD task force which is playing catch up having not much to go on in terms of finding Deathlok. While that may be a slow burn, the down to Earth approach to Henry Hayes life is something which stands out most. It draws you in when showing sympathy for a guy who has no idea he’s a killing machine, and also has to deal with a daughter he doesn’t have the time for to show proper guidance as a parent. Certainly not what you expect to be that big of a focus, yet it works when not only does this make him more relatable as a parent, this also creates a conflict of interest for this organization when Hayes begins to rethink what his priorities are. Priorities that would make it that much harder for the organization to throw him into the fray with a cover story.

Certainly the end of this issue is what will make you want to pick up the next issue. Who is sent after Deathlok is probably the best person for the job, and you do want to know how she ended up working for who she does right now. When dealing with a character like Deathlok, you do try to aim for creative ways to integrate him into the Marvel Universe with some relevance.

The dark style of this issue works when there is nothing to exactly be excited for. You have the dark room that Control works in that sows how shady this organization is, there’s the bleak atmosphere surrounding Henry in his normal life when he’s in a state of re-evaluating his life, then there’s the underwater part which was intense when Deathlok’s fate was up in the air for a good portion of it. Beyond this the colors and effects consistently stand out when showing off Deathlok’s various capabilities.

Overall there is a lot to expect from this series considering this is a new character being brought to life. This Deathlok has potential when there is depth to him that should be enough to care for him as a person and living weapon.

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Deathlok is a series with a lot of potential so long as the execution is on point.

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