Review: Earth 2 #27 – Collision


It looks like Earth 2 is back with a new issue. With what we’ve seen so far in the series and all the comics that came out this week, I wondered what we’ll get in Earth 2 #27. Apparently a lot since Earth 2 #27 along with the sister series Worlds’ Finest is playing off the new weekly series Earth 2 World’s End. In Earth 2 #27 we see that our heroes are off to save some scientists from leftover monstrosities during Apokolips’s attempt to teleport the earth. While most of the heroes are getting along just fine, Batman and Huntress are not due to their family history.

EARTH 2 -27-5-2d4c2DC has mentioned to readers to read Earth 2 World’s End #1 first before reading Earth 2 #27. Which is fine to see Power Girl and Huntress’s reactions to what’s happened on Earth 2 and it helps explain a few things before diving into the story. The problem brought up by this is that Earth #27 takes place a few issues after Earth 2 World’s End #1. So it feels like this issue spoiled what will happen in the next couple of issues in the weekly series. Which can annoy readers who are reading both the main series and the weekly series.

I can still get some enjoyment out of Earth #27 because we still get to further explore Power Girl and Huntress’s interactions with the new Superman (Val-Zod) and Batman (Thomas Wayne). Mostly with Batman and Huntress, even though Earth 2 is focused on more than just those two characters. I thought this was well written so far even though Taylor now is just co-writing with Bennett. It’s a nice little one-shot that shows how these characters connect with each other in one way or another. Even if it was only briefly mentioned. It gets readers excited as to where these characters will go in Earth 2, mostly with the weekly series.

While this is more of a one-shot than anything else, Earth 2 #27 is aimed at towards fans of the series who have been reading Earth 2 for a while as there are a few things here and there that may leave a few new readers confused as to what’s going on.

The weirdest yet coolest part of Earth 2 #27 is that this issue has four artist. The weird part about it is that there a lot of artists working on it, but the cool part about is that none of their art styles clash with the other. I honestly thought that Earth 2 #27 was done by one artist when I started reading it. It’s hard to pull off something like that and I’m glad they did since that won’t take the reader out of the story. With the exception of the couple of the pages in the beginning of Earth 2 #27, the designs and poses are drawn well. The colouring does help make the art more noticeable and keeps readers glued to the page.

All in all Earth 2 #27 was a fun issue worth reading. There was lots of action and gives readers an idea of what the relationships are to some of the characters in the series. Also it shows readers of Earth 2 that they should probably go and buy the weekly series just so they can keep up with what’s going on.

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This is a well made issue that will work well in the long run with the weekly series Earth 2 World's End.

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