Review: Earth 2 #28 – Who Are The Furies?


A lot has happened in “Earth 2” since Tom Taylor took over the title. What we thought was an evil Superman working for Apokolips almost destroyed the entire world. It seemed like things would die down a bit and this world would rebuild again but instead “World’s End” launched and Apokolips strikes back with the Furies. Things are getting very dark, very quickly again.

“Earth 2” #28 tells the origin story of each of the Four Furies. They’ve been causing mayhem in “World’s End” and now writers Tom Taylor and Marguerite Bennett give us the low down of how each came to be a Fury. The book is basically split into four sections with one representing each of the women. Each sections shows how War, Famine, Pestilence and Death went from ordinary mortals to the most fearsome warriors in the multiverse. Screenshot_44

This is a fine issue that was really necessary for a couple of reasons. A villain isn’t a good villain unless they are developed as much as the hero. “Earth 2” #28 is totally dedicated to doing that. Not all the individual stories are completely compelling though. I found the first and last stories being the ones I was most emotionally attached to. Pestilence and Death didn’t have it easy and they didn’t have much choice in their paths. In a way they are victims of this giant war as well and that makes me wonder if they’ll stay in these positions for good.

I think there is going to be a level of disappointment with this issue and while I understand that, I don’t agree with it entirely. This is very one-shot ‘like’ but it matters. On top of making these more layered villains, we get a bigger understanding of Apokolips and how it works. We get a little of everything in these four short stories and I think that is going to go a long way to building this bigger conflict. Taylor’s first storyline when he entered this series was epic and lasted a long time. It had a great payoff and so he and the “World’s End” team are using their time frame (all weeklies end in the Spring) in a smart way. However I do wonder if this would have been better served as an issue within the weekly series. I think we need to see some more of our core cast regroup and figure out what to do next. Huntress and Power Girl being back should be a big deal and I don’t feel like it is just yet. What we’ve seen between Kara and Val Zod has been wonderful but I would love to see something more between Thomas Wayne and Helena.

The art is very good all the way through. There are multiple artist working on this which usually presents a problem but not in this issue. There’s a nice cohesion while still seeing individual styles coming through. I think since this was split into four sections, using multiple artist made a lot of sense. It’s not a problem since they feel like separate stories.

“Earth 2” #28 might not be as edge of your seat as the last arc was but it does matter in the bigger sense of the series. I liked finding out about how the Furies came to be. The ending reveal about Death matters tremendously and I am anticipating that birth.

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While a necessary and informative issue, Earth 2 #28 falls a little flat as it slows things down just a little bit too much.

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