Review: Edge of Spider-Verse #5 – More Anime Than You Can Handle


We reached the end of Edge of Spider-Verse. These past few weeks we had one heck of a ride going through different Spider-Man stories that each have a different theme. We’ve seen noir, modern, the 90’s and horror so far in Edge of Spider-Verse with the fifth and final issue being heavily influenced by anime. After reading Edge of Spider-Verse #5 I only have one thing to say. Where was this when Marvel Mangaverse was being sold in stores.

In Edge of Spider-Verse #5 we focus on Peni Parker. Who along with a sentient radioactive spider pilot a large robotic suit protect the city as the hero SP//dr.


Edge of Spider-Verse #5 is heavenly themed around anime and manga that it actually felt like I was reading a manga. Gerard Way knows how to get readers hooked and want to see more of Peni Parker and her world. He gives the classic Spider-Man mythos an new interesting twist that has readers interested to see more. Especially with all the characters who appear or make a cameo in Edge of Spider-Verse #5. It also sets the stage for the main event Spider-Verse later this November. The only downside I can see to this would be that Edge of Spider-Verse #5 is mostly a set-up story. What I mean by that is that this issue sets the stage for more stories about Peni and her world that I actually like want to see a series or a least a mini-series that’s just about SP//dr.

Peni Parker aka Sp//dr is just about one of my favourites so far in Edge of Spider-Verse right next to Spider-Gwen. We have a teenage girl who basically was trained to be a hero instead of just gaining superpowers and training by herself. It’s an interesting idea that and I like that she’s still trying to figure things out in the world and the way people act in her encounters. Also I like to know that I enjoy that Way kept the alliteration in her name but didn’t make it too obvious that she is a teenage girl version of Peter Parker.

Most of you probably you know that the art is done by Jake Wyatt, who some may know has drawn a couple of issues of Ms. Marvel. He’s done a terrific job in drawing the world and characters in Edge of Spider-Verse #5. There was some news that this issue was going to be based around the movie Pacific Rim, but honestly after reading Edge of Spider-Verse #5 it looks like it’s based more towards Neon Genesis Evangelion. Especially with some of the characters making an appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #5 in different ways of course. What really sold me into this comic is all the cameos of anime characters from Guren Lagann to Akira who appear in Edge of Spider-Verse #5. Which is cool as this is aimed towards fans of anime which I think is a cool idea to gain new readers. The only thing I had issues with would be the SP//dr suit. While most of the time SP//dr looks great with all the poses, the end of the book looks a little off. But other wise everything else looks great with everything being anime themed. Even the colours by Ian Herring gives off that theme that makes this feels like a really good manga.

All in all despite the few flaws Edge of Spider-Verse #5 was a fun read and I highly suggest anyone who is a fan of Spider-Man to go and pick up. Anime fans would enjoy this as this is a huge love letter to anime classics. It also leads into the anticipated story Spider-Verse which will have readers excited for it when it comes out this November. Will we see more of Peni Parker anytime soon? Probably, but I’ll wait for Spider-Verse to see if she’ll make a impact for Marvel to make a new series or mini-series.

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This is an anime inspired Spider-Man issue. You can't possibly miss that.

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