Review: Ex-Con #1 – Beginning to See the Light!


This is an interesting comic. It takes the idea of if you could see peoples intent through a colored aurora around them what would you do, would you use it to make your life easy by taking advantage of people? How far can you take it in Malibu California? This is a story of just that and what happens when it all comes crashing down around you?

This is a story about Leroy, who had been calling himself Cody Pomeray until his arrest. He has the ability to see colored auroras aroundExCon01-09 people and was doing very well for himself with high class people until he crosses Budd Waldo. He was working with Sierra Grandquist as his partner until she double crosses him leading to his arrest. While in prison he makes a deal with the Pope Barnaby Creed to keep him alive until he gets out, at a price. After he gets out he appears to lose the ability to see the auroras any more which is a problem while dealing with Sierra and her boss Peter as well as his PO. A lot of things just don’t seem to be going good for Leroy once he is released from prison and it’s only just the beginning.

The art is an interesting style. Some parts of it feels like it is just a quick sketch for the background and somethings have a great amount of detail. The art for each person is very well done and and has a great amount of body language and facial expressions but the background just seems like an after thought sometimes if there is a background at all. There are a few scenes where the background is completely white, nothing drawn just the person with a white background. There is some backgrounds that are very well done and has good detail, a scene with cars behind the police the cars are very well done. Then there is scenes in the prison that shows the people but the background is just sketches of walls and people that seem to be mostly shapes and shadows. Unfortunately most of the issue goes from one page being very well done and very nice to look at and the next not as good and it pulls you a little out of the story.

This is a very interesting story that has a lot of potential to take the reader on a fun ride of a unique Ex-con. The thing I really like is this isn’t a story about a hardened criminal but about a guy that had a power and took advantage of it to benefit himself. He could see who could be manipulated to do things and how to get them things he wanted in life and used it so he could live like a celebrity. Unfortunate for him he used someone that has a lot of influence and it cost him his lifestyle and his freedom, at least for a few years. I’m excited to see where it goes and to see if his ability improves or how it will affect him as he readjusts to life on the outside.

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It's a great story with fascinating characters and situations, and with a little more detail the art would make this book spectacular.

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