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Given the state of the world, particularly with what is going on here in the United States involving the NSA, Hacktivist couldn’t be coming out at a better time. It has been a long time since I’ve read a comic this timely and this important as it discusses some really important issues facing the world today. Hacktivist is one of those comics that is a great read but also has a point to make and not one that can be taken lighly.

Hacktivist is created by Alyssa Milano (yes, that Alyssa Milano) and written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with artwork by Marcus To. The story follows two young men, Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft. They have created a new social networking site called YourLife. This new social networking site promises to connect people on a whole new level, different from Twitter and Facebook. YourLife also is protected from “Big Brother” as the government cannot get any of the information. Ed and Nate are able to do this because they are actually the world’s most known hackers using the name .sve_Urs3lf. They’ve been helping other countries break from internet controlled by their government. In the first issue we see them help out Tunisia and a young woman leading a new revolution. The ending is a fantastic set up to issue two despite being a little predictable.

My favorite aspect of Hacktivist #1 is how relevant it is and how many big questions it asks. With Ed and Nate we have two very different Hacktivist_001_rev_Page_3guys. They are partners, yes, but Nate seems more concerned with the money and fame, while Ed wants very much to fix things in the world. Ed doesn’t go to parties and for him YourLife is nothing but a way for him to keep moving with his plans to help the world. He cares very much about what he’s doing as a hacker, particularly with new contact Sirine in Tunisia. Ed wants to help but what kind of help does he want to give? He’s started multiple revolutions but where will that lead? I’m not sure he even knows the answer to that.

The internet has become the most dangerous yet used technology of our world and Hacktivist shines the light directly on it and seems to be telling a story that may eventually reflect the world we live in. Ed Hiccox is a man who can do anything he wants in the world. With his money, comes the power, and he’s using it to jump start the world and get them moving. He’s almost unbelievable but truly is something the world needs.

The artwork here is nice. It isn’t something mind blowing but does the job it needs to do. The action scenes in Tunisia flow very nicely and the splash page showing the protest in Tunis is very nice. Each face captures a lot of emotion. The design of the cover is also well done and captures the theme of the comic well. The last couple of pages with Nate also work very well. Those pages give off the “Gatsby” vibe the party was intended to be like.

Hacktivist does however run the risk of feeling a bit rushed. I think this story could easily carry a 10-12 issue run. Despite this, Hacktivist #1 is a comic that cannot be missed by anyone. This series wants to be relevant in today’s world and it is rare that a comic does this anymore. The greatest comics do this and if Hactivist continues to this it will be a contender for best mini series of 2014. Do yourself a favor and buy this comic today. If you aren’t following the news closely it will most definitely open your eyes to what’s happening in the world.

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Hacktivist is the perfect story to tell right now with the world being the way it is. It stays socially relevant without being overly preachy.

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