Review: Hellraiser Bestiary #1 – Three Stories of Pain


This comic was an interesting one and an good start for this six issue series. It was 2 short stories and one part of a story that was to be continued. It does bring three goo
d short stories to the Hellraiser mythos and it was nice to see a good story about Pinhead.

The first story, Symphony in Red shows that Pinhead has returned to hell from his time on earth. He seems to be in a mission to just punish sinners over and over again. The story is from the perspective of one of the followers and it’s interesting to see what her thoughts are of Pinheads actions.

The second story is Desert Fathers and this one takes place place on earth at a family shelter. This one is a little confusing and doesn’t really explain things very well. It seems that everyone is evil in some form and some are just a little more than others. There is an evil doctor that seems to be into torture and was trying to lure druggies into his room. After a short scene with the doctor one of the kids finds the Lemarchand’s box laying on the ground. The kids decide they can’t pawn it because it’s too unique so they are going to melt it down and sell it.HR_Bestiary_PRESS-9

The final story is the best one but it’s the one that is to be continued. The Hunted Part One. In this one we see Pinhead in a state you don’t see him often, trapped and weakened. A gang is able to trap Pinhead in a cage and hurt him. They even talk to him asking if he knew how they were able to do all this but they don’t explain where they learned the proper spells to do it. At the end we find out why they did it and that is the real cliffhanger of the issue.

The art is pretty good in all three stories. The first one was dark and gritty. it was fitting for the story but it would have been nice for a little more detail. Some of the torture scenes really would have had a stronger impact seeing more of the guts instead of lots of blood. The second was a lot crisper with a dark overtone. The faces show so much expression and are amazing. The third one has the best art. The detail and shading makes it look so good. One of the things I like is you can see how each action changes things and those changes has the same look in each panel. You see bloodlines on the face and each panel has them in the same spots, not just drawn bloodline wherever.

This book is a great read and I enjoyed it, it’s a nice collection of Hellraiser stories. I kind of feel that the last story would make a good mini series instead of added to a collection of short stories. I liked the last story and I can’t wait to see what happens next to Pinhead, I can’t wait to see if the gang does something we’ve all wanted to do to him. It is a good collection of short stories and I can’t wait to see what other stories come out of this anthology.

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It's a good read and has some nice art but there is a few things it could have to make it better.

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