Review: Hellraiser Bestiary #2 – More Tales of Torture


Here is another issue of torture and torment, this one is quite a bit more grim than the last issue. It’s been a while since I watched Hellraiser but the first story confused me a little. I’m glad we got more to the third story and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. The second one is one that unless you are a fan of the series you won’t like, then again if you aren’t a fan of the series I don’t think you would be reading in the first place.

The first story “Old Hat to Raise the Devil” is a story based in the early 1900’s. It shows an older jazz player that threw his hat in theHR_Bestiary02_PRESS-9 road to try to make a deal with the devil to see his his woman one last time. He meets an old man on the road that gives him a guitar made from the puzzle box. I was a little confused by this store for a few reasons. Doesn’t the Cenobites only show up when the box is solved, they show up in this story just because a song is played on the puzzle box guitar. On top of that I always thought they just went after the one who opened it, not just anyone in the room.

The second story is “Hellbound Desires” and is a very interesting story. This one is based off the fact that there is porn out there for every fetish, including torture porn. It shows a bare room with a girl sitting in a chair and was asked to strip and then given the puzzle box to figure out. I’m pretty sure everyone can see where this goes, I knew after a couple panels what was going to happen. The end does have a very satisfying end though, I was glad to see that twist.

The last story is the next part of “The Hunted” story. Last issue we saw Pinhead trapped and weal, this time he gets to be on the receiving end of the torture. The bad part is he seems to really enjoy it, I’m not hopeful for the future of the guys that are doing the torture.

The art on the first story is a throwback to some of the art in the early 1900’s. It has a grainy, painted feel to it. I really like it for this story because it sets the tone of the story very well. The second story’s art even though it has the webcam feel to it I felt could have been a little more detailed. Everything is far away so there isn’t much detail and I feel they focused too much on the grimy feel of it being a low budget S&M webcam. It’s very shadowed and being that it’s a small room that’s ok, but it’s for a paid porn site so would want everything to be seen. The last story the art is perfect for the tone of the story. It’s got a darker feel to it and you can just tell from the whole scene that things are looking bad for Pinhead.

Over all another good addition to the Hellraiser mythos. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of The Hunted and what other new stories we get next month.

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Some stories are a hit and some miss, this issue had a little of both. It will keep you coming back for the rest of The Hunted.

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