Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #2 – Magic And Vengeance


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #2 takes an interesting turn as magic is the center of attention. The one force on Earth that truly poses a threat to Superman. Starting with Constantine summoning Trigon in order to make a deal. A strange one considering we don’t know the circumstance yet, though clever when it connects us to notable characters such as Raven who many may have wondered her relevance to the main story.

INJUSTY3_ch2_1-Preview1Tom Taylor said that this taxi cab scene is one of his favorite moments in Injustice so far, and it hard not to see why. In a world that’s gone to hell when heroes are at each others throats, this is everything Constantine has ever wanted just for the opportunity to mock them with good reason. Tom Taylor nailed that moment, Bruno Redondo and Vincente Cifuentes as well. The expressions of both Constantine and the cab driver were priceless. Its hard not to look at that scene and not laugh along with Constantine. This is who he is, even in the face of someone like Batman. Especially in the face of someone like Batman. With that said, that doesn’t make Constantine a character you can’t take seriously. That reveal of a daughter he wanted to protect was more than enough of a reason to motivate someone like Constantine to join the fight. Having just as much reason as any person who lost a close one during this war.

You can say that the only risk in tackling a character like Constantine is making sure that he is not the only part of the story you want to read. Honestly he is the best reason when it comes to Year Three, though you just gotta make sure that other characters stand out aside from their interactions with Constantine.

Seeing how Superman, Hal Jordan and Sinestro were trying to determine how their teammates were abducted was short, though it was good that they were able to pick up what the threat was instead of dragging on a possible mystery.

The change of scenery is definitely what stands out when we start in hell, then a fairly bland taxi cab, to places that look long since abandoned. We go all over the place, yet every place has some distinguishable features. Now aside from this I’d have to say that Year Three of Injustice will be where Rex Lokus excels. Especially when it comes to displaying everything from magic to the power of the Lanterns.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #2 is a solid start of what will be a war of superheroes, space cops, and now magic users. This is a world where everyone is affected by this conflict and that is what brings it to life. They can all be fighting, but if you can’t show the collateral damage it means nothing. You need to get that emotional weight and investment, one which we have more of through Constantine. A guy who just wants revenge for his daughter’s mother.

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A solid start of what will be a war of superheroes, space cops, and now magic users.

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