Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #10 – It’s Not Over Yet


That escalated very fast

Well that was one heck of a way to end the last issue of Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two, but this issue surely escalates things to a level this series has managed to reach numerous times up to this point. Any one of us could have thought what we saw was a sure thing, but that really wouldn’t be like Tom Taylor to make things that simple. From here things can only escalate, and they surely do.

Injustice - Year Two (2014-) 010-000Considering the length of each issue of Injustice and how much actually went on during the issue, it’s hard to talk about this one without actually saying what happened. Though from what I have already said, it is obvious that the Green Lantern Corps survived. With that said, this is where that escalation builds up because it’s one thing for them all to clash, yet that right there was supposed to be a kill shot. Tom Taylor created that tension between them which could not be calmed when both are willing to do away with the other rather swiftly.

That tension is what really carries this conflict because this is Superman, Shazam, and Hawkgirl. All three very powerful and the Green Lanterns are going straight at them with full force. You can only expect bad things to come when this happens. Now I did feel that the fight was a bit short, though in all honesty I think most could agree that what’s to come is what we all should be excited for. It has been made clear that this fight will not go without some loss, and when it comes to Injustice there is no lack of loss on any side involved.

There’s just no other way to say that Bruno Redondo and Rex Lokus are the perfect team for this book visually. Pretty much anything that could be said about how lively they make this book has been said, though that doesn’t stop them from also being great at capturing air fights. That one page where you see the Lanterns rise from the smoke, that right there was amazing. I had to look at that page maybe three or four times just to get over the chills from it..

This issue of Injustice again was fairly short, but it was the right build up to an escalation in the fight which will do nothing but cement the views others have of Superman who are not on his side. As with the fight comes the addressing of a question which had begun this conflict between the Lanterns and Earth. One which would have been a disappointment to ignore.
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You may not have gotten as much as you want out of this issue, but you definitely want to catch the next.

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