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Injustice: Year Three #10 goes pretty much how you’d expect it to when it comes to Deadman confronting the Spectre and getting a shocking surprise. Clearly he dies since that is what it pretty much calls for at the end of the previous issue of Injustice. Though from how this issue wraps up there is more expect from his passing. Beyond that, this is another issue full of surprises which will have unforeseeable outcomes.

InjusticeGAU-Y3_10_pgNo stone or blade of grass has been left unturned in the DC Universe for Injustice. From villains, aliens, Lanterns, magic beings, to the avatar of the Green. It was only a matter of time before he made his appearance considering Swamp Thing is smack dab right in the middle of the cover. It is only obvious whose side he would be on when confronted. Nonetheless intense when Constantine is the one who is making the attempt to recruit him to their side. That can only go so wrong and what comes out of that should be bigger than even the Spectre. Beyond this, Injustice: Year Three #10 was a fairly fast read hitting all the right points and getting straight to the point on each part of the plot.

The one issue found here is that Ragman’s passing didn’t feel like it had that much of an impact when addressed by the others. Not to mention the actions of Constantine which seemed to be greatly overlooked. The guy has good intentions, but it doesn’t mean he should be trusted enough to use acceptable methods.

Having Mike S. Miller on art for this part of the story. There are select names you could call out who know how to draw Swamp Thing right and he is one of them, J. Nanjan included for being able to bring out the exotic look of his composition. In general when Mike Miller is on board he knows how to draw people and do so in a way that makes things feel more serious. We are at that point where things are getting dark and not everyone has a reason to smile as seen from the frustrated look on Constantine’s face throughout. Aside from this the design of our newest hero to appear at the end holds much anticipation as to what he’s capable of.

This issue ends in a way that sets us up for two big conflicts that will be inevitable. Even though the rebellion has fallen behind for some time, it is good to see that they are at the very least treating this like a game of chess to remove pieces from play that would hinder their advancement towards victory.

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A lot to look forward to and this issue leaves you wanting more.

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