Review: Injustice: Year Three #11 – Reading Into The Future


With how the last issue of Injustice went, it is time for revaluation on the part of Constantine and Batman. One thing to know that The Spectre has bigger purposes in mind that make him dangerous, but now Swamp Thing as well is someone they will eventually have to deal with when the time comes. Not only this but the troubles keep rolling in with this issue as well now that Madame Xanadu’s premonitions are starting to become more clear. And that clarity only brings more urgency to what they need to do next when it can turn the tides of this war for either side.

Injustice: Year Three #11_Pg1What is interesting about this issue is that we start off the issue with this roundtable of the rebellion and all are capable members. Yet throughout their discussion it seems to be really Constantine and Batman running the show when it is consistently coming to light that both of them are making their own moves which the others aren’t aware of till the last moment. That is something that can make and break their team in the future. Also clever writing when it shows that the lone wolf nature of these two characters doesn’t change even though they are a part of a team and should be depending on the others for support. Only a setback if you want to see more of the others involved only to see them take a backseat.

Now that is only one part of this issue as there is that situation and the continued development of the mystery behind The Spectre. Which has been a high point of this Year Three so far considering he is someone every one of the magic beings are aware of and question when something just doesn’t seem right. Of course confronting him is something very different as there seems to be a lesson most are learning about what they are going up against when something in The Spectre doesn’t want to be found out.

All have something to offer when it comes to the art style, and for this issue the team of Bruno Redondo, Xeramanico and Rex Lokus definitely had some areas that stood out. In particular the scene where the Phantom Stranger confronts The Spectre. The rendering of space is very appealing to be able to see the stars, gradient of colors, and planets in the distance. Then seeing them both walking on the rings of Saturn surely gives off that impression that these two are larger than life. Where Xeramanico shines brightest is when he is able to take these two and show the mysterious nature of the two, as if good intentions or bad you should fear them and what they might do next. Colors as usual create the intensity of every scene where that is prominent or radiated by a character.

Should also be worth mentioning this is the best cover Injustice has had in a while.

Another fairly fast read for an issue, though Injustice: Year Three #11 is a solid one that takes its time to address everything Madame Xanadu foresaw to set up for what comes next. The order is not clear, but it is obvious that what she saw is an eventuality and unavoidable. So we know what to expect, but now it all comes down to the execution.

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Big things are coming as we know, and it is all now a matter of how and when.

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