Review: Injustice: Year Three #12 – A Gift of Hellfire and Slumber


It’s not a war if one side is ever only having the upper hand over the other is it? Injustice: Year Three #12 continues that mindset when we have a showdown at the Hall of Justice as the Demon Etrigan squares off with Superman, and then we still have the escalating confrontation between The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger. This issue shows just how far Batman will go to make sure Superman is stopped.

InjusticeGAU-Y3_12_Pg1This issue wasted no time jumping straight into the action with Etrigan alone showing that he is more than a match for those in the room. While his intentions weren’t clear from the start, it was exciting to see the demon in action and take quite a lot of fun in the destruction he causes. Now of course the big question when you see him is who could the host be and while the answer was obvious considering who stepped up to confront Superman in the last issue, the reaction from Superman was handled well enough that he looked stunned by who’d allow someone like Etrigan to use their body for that purpose.

What was not so surprising was that The Spectre is still a force that cannot be stopped. Does change the mystery behind who he really is however when what we do know now is that whoever it is is someone powerful enough to know the secret of The Phantom Stranger. While that may narrow the choices down for readers who know The Phantom Stranger, most other will still be left scratching their heads as to who this could be.

If anything stood out visually in this issue of Injustice, it has to be the intensity of the hellfire from Etrigan as he stormed the Hall of Justice. Not too many people you can expect to be able to capture fire precisely and this team pulled it off in great detail. The variations of warm colors, how it flares in the air wildly, and how it is shown to be more than Superman or the Lanterns can handle. Their reactions to it were that of people who for once really felt vulnerable, and that is a good change in pace. In fact warm and cold colors stood out as Superman actually made use of his super breath.

Injustice: Year Three #12 is another issue that emphasizes that those predictions from Madame Xanadu were not to be taken lightly. She said the emperor sleeps, and the emperor has slept. Now in the world of Injustice anything is still possible and knowing what we do from the game, Superman obviously won’t stay asleep. The next question is how long will he sleep and/or who possibly will be the one to wake him up. Even with that to look forward to, you are left scratching your head as to why a down Superman is left where he fell. It would seem  that a serious person would not leave him out in the open given the impossible has been made possible on multiple occasions.

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Some things you see coming, some you don't. But overall his was an exciting issue of Injustice when moves are made.

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