Review: Injustice: Year Three #3 – Something Angry


It is now fully established that Injustice: Year Three is all about magic coming into play, and why magic has not been in play up to this point despite Superman’s weakness to it. This issue is pretty much Batman and Constantine trying to unite a group of magical beings who normally have their own fights to worry about rather than superhero fights. Not only them, but having super-heroes and ordinary humans all work together which is a big enough task when there is always that dividing line between them.

InjusticeGAU-Y3_03_PgInjustice: Year Three #3 brings everybody together under one roof finally as they prepare to make their move against Superman. The situation has been made clear for Batman’s rebellion, and most if not all have made it clear their stakes in this fight along with what motivates them personally. We even see a few familiar faces in the magic community who have now made their presence known. With that said and having this a very chill issue, the escalation of their situation at the end of the issue with the reveal of who this angry magic user is was a good move as not to prologue teasing rather than getting straight to the point. When that person is revealed you do find yourself shocked just because of the execution of the moment, yet you do however find yourself wondering how you didn’t guess who it was in the first place after seeing everyone magical who was already present.

Harley continues to be that character of interest in the Injustice world as you not only find her funny, but you also find her as someone you can really take seriously. She’s been through a lot in this series and its great to see her confront those feelings, those conflicting feelings to be specific.

The only thing that holds back issues like this is having everything going on and despite the progression between Superman and Sinestro, they fall towards that part of the story which you get little by little of what they are up to. Not necessarily a problem, though of course depending on which side you show more interest in you may want to see more Superman than the rest.

Mike S. Miller now heads interior art for this issue of Injustice and is great for being able to consistently handle multiple characters in the same panels while being the one that can bring out the intensity of most given moments. Especially that of the last three pages of this issue because that was our wake up call that the action is about to begin again. Rex Lokus also should be mentioned as those pages would not have caught our eyes in such a way if he was not able to capture those gruesome details, or allow the magic to stand out as a significant force in this story.

Injustice: Year Three #3 started steady and ended picking up the intensity as winning with magic against Superman is only one of their problems. If this was just them vs. Superman it would be a quick story, but getting these little sub-plots here and there are the best way to keep everyone involved and further engage us in what the world of Injustice has to offer.

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Started steady and ended picking up the intensity as our mystery magic user is revealed.

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