Review: Injustice: Year Three #4 – A Broken Man No More


Last issue ended with a big shocker as we find out who this threat is that has been keeping the magic users hiding in the shadows. A development which answered the question as to why they have not been on the front line against Superman knowing he is weak against magic. Injustice: Year Three #4 throws Batman’s team back into the fray as they have no choice but to panic when The Spectre comes knocking at their door and takes out Jason Blood and Bullock. Blood who is one of the strongest sorcerers in the world.

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Three (2014-) 004-02The Spectre is definitely an interesting choice as a threat to Batman when you aren’t really sure what his intentions are. The Spectre is one of those like Batman who just sees right and wrong. It’s not certain how exactly he views Batman, his team, or what is going on around the world at the moment, though the message is clear that reliance on magic will not be the key to their victory. Now the problem that can stem from this is too many unknown variables involved with The Spectre and his relevance to the bigger picture. Maybe some clarity along the way will avoid this becoming a problem, but for now we can really just look at this as another fitting way to up the stakes when there are still obstacles in the way from any side claiming a fast victory.

Nothing much really happens in this issue, though it is still a strong issue for the fact that Tom Taylor took this opportunity to build Batman back up into that major player in this fight that he is meant to be. He’s been out of play for a good while now and hiding isn’t much of an option when you have people like Constantine who want to take action. Again making Constantine that much more relevant to the plot when he is acting more like a team player than a lone wolf after his own personal desires. With that said it was also nice that we see characters not feel as if they are fighting for the spotlight. Especially when it comes to the other magic beings showing their usefulness in a pinch(Klarion).

This issue of Injustice brings out the intensity that comes with magic forces clashing. The dark atmosphere created from everyone in a state of panic was very noticeable and it works in favor of conveying that almost loss of hope after losing two of their own in a matter of seconds. The imposing presence of The Spectre was great when you can see him towering over Jason Blood’s home covering in a strong green, and static aura. Beyond this it was cool to see Constantine covered in so many tattoos/sigils. It makes him look like someone who’s prepared for that next big threat and wears his experience with magic.

Again nothing too much happens in Injustice: Year Three #4, though it was a necessary set-up for getting Batman back into a proper role of leadership after Superman broke his back.

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Short yet to the point and getting Batman back in action.

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