Review: Injustice: Year Three #5 – Fate Is Up In The Air


After such a threat the now batter resistance faced in the previous issue of Injustice: Year Three, it’s hard to imagine where to go from here aside from picking up the pieces to move forward with their plans. A delicate situation Tom Taylor has placed the resistance in when they not only have Superman and Sinestro to worry about, but now The Spectre as well. It’s hard to feel safe when staring down that kind of power team.

INJUSTY3_ch5_1-Preview1In this issue Harley Quinn continues to show her relevance to the team when it is really down to her as the only legitimate doctor in the room capable of keeping Detective Chimp alive. An interesting moment created when she confronts Doctor Fate who’s proving to be of no use to anyone aside from providing shelter when he’s not an actual doctor, or very positive about their situation. He does drop a tease in there that gets the wheels turning in your head about someone, though beyond that he’s just a pain in the butt. On the other side of the story with Superman we see how Sinestro continues to work his manipulative charm despite the acknowledgement that his actions are immoral. Just one of many moments that creates a conflicting view of whether to side with Superman or not unless you already see him as the villain of the story.

Injustice: Year Three #5 in general is a fairly fast read. We don’t learn much new rather than getting a bit of clarity on the situation at hand with both sides. More of an issue used to keep everyone on the right track and hint at possibilities down the road as things progress. Not bad, though more of a calm after the storm that you expect from what has happened so far.

What stood out in the interior art for this issue of Injustice was probably Harley for the most part if not only for her range of personality. She can be goofy, serious, and dramatic all at once and you can feel that from her in any scene she’s drawn in. Not to mention just her presence in a serious moment can level things out. She and Rose both bring about that sense of hope that is needed when it comes to the rebellion and it carries through consistently. In general Mike S. Miller and J. Nanjan do a great job dealing with more characters than there are pages.

Injustice: Year Three #5 is a solid issue that keeps the story on the right track while teasing on things that may or may not be explored down the road. We don’t get too much out of this issue, though there is no denying the varying emotions that you receive from both sides of this conflict. It’s getting no easier for anyone involved and a lot more is at stake than what is seen on the surface.

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Story remains on right track while teasing on things that may or may not be explored down the road.

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