Review: Injustice: Year Three #6 – Enter Madame Xanadu


Injustice: Year Three #6 continues our supernatural exploration of the world of Injustice as Batman and Constantine search out a new ally in Madame Xanadu. Of course given Constantine’s reputation there’s no warm welcome in the mystic’s parlor. This right here is what defines Year Three when it’s not as if we are just depending on Constantine. The one fear could easily have been that there would be too much reliance on Constantine because of his popularity, though they have dug deep to pull out many notable faces down to Klarion and his cat.

injusty3_ch_06_1aWhat you take from this issue is that having Constantine as the face of the magical side of the rebellion will come with problems of its own. Tom Taylor understands that as useful as Constantine can be, it doesn’t change the fact that it takes a lot of effort for someone who knows him to trust him. Madame Xanadu is the perfect example of someone who captures that mistrust and anger which normally you might get from someone like Swamp Thing. I mean it would have been nice to have a little clarity as to what he may have done to piss her off considering this is a different version of these characters. With that said she also serves as just another reminder of what is at stake for those who have lost something in this conflict and look for revenge. Pretty much the only thing that can motivate someone like Constantine to go to such lengths to bring down Superman.

On the other hand the dynamic between Constantine and Batman has been on point, and in this issue particularly. We see that Constantine understands who he is, Batman understands who Constantine is, yet Batman chooses to believe in him. A moment which grabs you when both are actually being honest with each other despite previous tension.

As for what Xanadu saw, that was the best way to give us an idea as to what the future holds for Injustice, maybe past Year Three as well. Obviously some things you can guess for yourselves that will happen just based on knowledge of the game, but everything else in-between gives us a clear-cut path for what we can expect.

The emotion felt through Madame Xanadu is certainly what carried this issue. If it were not for the sheer anger, pain, and heartbreak that she went through, this could have easily been an issue you passed off as filler. You see it all on her face as the tears and make-up run down her face. You also might find yourself impressed with the amount of power she wields when letting loose. This also goes for the design of the cards she uses in which the representations are on point.

This issue of Injustice serves it’s purpose in showing us glimpses of future events. Cryptic and vague, yet enough to understand in terms of the big picture. The way that was handled was a clever way of taking advantage of what magic has to offer in this conflict.

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Injustice: Year Three #6 serves it's purpose in showing us glimpses of future events.

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