Review: Injustice: Year Three #7 – The Trap is Set


With Injustice: Year Three #7 Constantine finally starts to make moves of his own against Superman. This time in the form of using Raven to lure Superman into a trap. This was actually kind of given just by looking at the cover, though still good that something is being done by one side against the other.

InjusticeGAU-Y3_07_Pg1 – What many might appreciate about this issue, and Year Three in general is that certain characters like Raven yyou get to see more of. She was there in the games, though you never really see her relevance to the big picture. With the comics, Raven finds importance through the conflict with the use of magic by both sides. It’s those little things when you’ve played the Injustice game and read this that draws you that much deeper into the story than others who have not. From there you can ask yourself where this character or that character end up between point A and point B or why that character is not seen in the game altogether yet in the books. Obvious answer to that might be that the character died, though of course you’d still want to know the how.

This issue was fairly short as it was all about Superman making his move to reclaim his captured allies. That’s pretty much his weakness when Superman is in a position where he acts on impulse rather than seeing certain things for what they really are. Especially when dealing with magic that he can’t sense.

Nothing looks more powerful than Superman wearing a Yellow Lantern ring next to The Spectre watching over Earth from space. The power just radiates from them and Rex Lokus brings over what makes people fear them as forces which is feared to create the peace which the rebellion rejects. Aside from this they do a great job of displaying Raven’s ability of projection. Even just the small things like showing the strength of Constantine’s spells to ward off Superman was a nice touch.

Injustice: Year Three #7 is a solid issue which throws us into that next fight. Constantine has played his hand, so now it is time to see what he is capable of against Superman. We all may like the guy, but the fact of the matter is that Constantine is one of many characters whose fate is up in the air since not seen in the game. Could easily fail right now, yet anything still possible with Tom Taylor writing this.

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Good setup for a confrontation between Superman and Constantine.

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