Review: Injustice: Year Three #8 – Judgement of Innocence


“We’re gonna take out Superman, just the two of us on our own! What can go wrong?” Eh, just about everything. With Injustice: Year Three #8 we pick up with our caped crusader who had found himself lured into a trap by Constantine. A bit fast for a move like this, though you can’t complain when at least somebody is trying to take the other out.

InjusticeGAU-Y3_08_Pg1Injustice: Year Three #8 is an issue you can get excited for if you actually don’t know what to expect down the road from this series, but for those that have some idea you already knew how things would end. You wouldn’t want to say how the result of Constantine’s plan was obvious, but there really was no other way that it could have ended which doesn’t leave too much to be excited for. Especially when through Madame Xanadu we saw glimpses of the future, one which Superman was in. It doesn’t mean the future is written in stone, though it obviously means there will be failures by the Rebellion in capturing Superman. At that point it all comes down to making sure that those efforts are executed in a way that keeps us engaged in the story. Despite what is said, the end result of Constantine’s actions reflect the type of person he has always been and that is the defining moment when it comes to what he has to offer the rebellion. That goes again to show Tom Taylor’s understanding of Constantine and the way he has these characters stay true to who they are at the core in the face of a war on this scale.

Now with that said, you do appreciate seeing some more obscure faces pop up in the Injustice Universe. Namely Ragman who you would not have expected to be the one able to hold down Superman the way he does. What you get out of this issue of Injustice is that it will still take a whole lot more than just magic or supernatural items to stop a Superman who both pulls no punches and now wields a Yellow Lantern ring.

Nothing entirely stands out in this issue visually that isn’t consistent with the previous. That is good of course as Mike Miller handles the gritty areas of Injustice very well. Even more so when drawing a character like Ragman who requires that attention to detail when getting all his stitches and free-flowing nature of his cloak. It should be mentioned that it does come into question seeing The Spectre flying to the lanterns in full view and noticing that he doesn’t seem to wear anything else beyond the gloves and cloak. Nothing wrong with that, but just a bit you notice that might make you chuckle.

Injustice: Year Three #8 is an alright issue just to see how hard it will be for Constantine to stop Superman, especially when he still feels the need to go off like a rogue. Also just another part of the story that enforces the idea that being with Constantine can be bad for your health. That is something which was learned the hard way in this issue. You might actually feel sorry for Ragman’s involvement. Either way, hopefully the next part of the story gets things back on track with things that can catch us off guard.

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Constantine is the hero, though still the same man before the war.

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